August, 2022 - LiProspect

How to Find LinkedIn Company Page URL

LinkedIn Company Page I had a situation some time ago where I needed to share my Linkedin company page URL. It was very important as I was in the process of pitching my business to a much larger company in the game, I needed all the resources. But then I realized I didn’t know exactly […]

14 Jun 2021

If You Search For Someone on LinkedIn Will They Know

LinkedIn Search LinkedIn is a unique and amazing network in the sense that it’s the best platform to connect with professionals and businesses, it’s ahead of other social networks when it comes to these aspects. But just like other social networking sites, they’re all about connections, you’ll find all sorts of professionals on LinkedIn to […]

25 May 2021

Can You View LinkedIn Profiles Without an Account

View Profiles Without an Account In this digital age, privacy is really important, most social networks including LinkedIn allow users to control their privacy from their account settings. They’re able to control who can view their data such as profile page and contact information. LinkedIn profiles are a great source of information regarding someone or […]

22 May 2021

New Business Manager on LinkedIn Every business today is operating on multiple accounts. The idea has become so common that social media platforms like LinkedIn are trying to make things more manageable and better for the business community on the platform. Now businesses that are managing their marketing processes through multiple LinkedIn accounts can now […]

30 Aug 2022

For B2B prospecting, LinkedIn is an amazing tool. It generates potential consumers with all its functionality. LinkedIn is a social media platform that is used to make connections and build business relationships. To be successful on LinkedIn, you need to have a well-written profile, relevant connections, and an engaging message sequence. When sales people realize […]

29 Aug 2022

Attract Clients in B2B Business Almost all B2B businesses would do anything to get the information of potential clients. LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for B2B businesses to find new clients. However, LinkedIn is not a place where people go just to buy products or services. You need to be […]

24 Aug 2022

Reach Recruiters with LiProspect Recruiters can find a number of potential employees on LinkedIn, but they need to make sure that they are reaching out to them in the right way. They should try to be personal and friendly, but not too personal or too friendly. They should also refrain from using jargon like ‘I […]

23 Aug 2022

LinkedIn’s Creator Accelerator Program   LinkedIn has recently announced its new expansion of the Creator Accelerator Program. This will improve LinkedIn skills for users and maximize their in-app presence. It will see chosen LinkedIn creators to be invited for taking part in a new initiative to make the overall user experience better. The overall of […]

19 Aug 2022

Facebook Vs LinkedIn When it comes to joining and engaging in online communities, are Facebook groups better or LinkedIn groups? LinkedIn and Facebook have lots in common. With the biggest difference as one is suited for everyday people and the other is specifically for professionals, both are similar majorly. Both have group features that can […]

18 Aug 2022

linkedin learning course

Learning Courses on LinkedIn LinkedIn Learning Courses are a great way to learn new skills, develop your knowledge, broaden your horizons and create amazing social selling campaigns. LinkedIn has compiled a list of the most popular courses on LinkedIn Learning in 2022.  Here is the list of some of the most popular LinkedIn courses to […]

17 Aug 2022

Leads on LinkedIn Everyone using LinkedIn today wants to generate as many leads as possible without actually being spammy. Do you want the same to grow your business? Automated messages on LinkedIn helps you reach a huge number of targeted prospects daily. LiProspect has you covered.  LiProspect is a lead generation tool that helps businesses […]

10 Aug 2022

Finding Jobs during Recession The global economy is expected to enter a recession in 2022. This will be the first recession since the Great Recession of 2008. There are many factors that can lead to this recession, but the most important one is the rise of protectionism and trade wars between countries. The US has […]

01 Aug 2022

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