How LinkedIn Premium plans can support career development and advancement


26 Sep 2023  •   5 minutes read

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Unlocking Career Opportunities with LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for professionals looking to connect, network, and advance their careers. With over 774 million users worldwide, the platform offers a plethora of opportunities to showcase your skills, connect with industry leaders, and discover new job openings. While the free version of LinkedIn provides a great starting point, LinkedIn Premium plans take your career development to the next level. In this article, we will explore the various benefits and features of LinkedIn Premium, and discuss whether it is worth the investment.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a paid subscription service offered by LinkedIn that provides enhanced features and tools to help professionals boost their career prospects. It offers a range of plans tailored to different needs, including LinkedIn Premium Business, LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Premium Job Seeker. These plans unlock additional features and benefits that can significantly support your career development and advancement.

LinkedIn Premium Benefits

Now, let’s delve into the specific benefits of LinkedIn Premium that can help you stand out and accelerate your career:

1. Access to LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform that offers thousands of courses taught by industry experts. With LinkedIn Premium, you gain unlimited access to this vast library of courses, covering a wide range of topics such as leadership, data analysis, digital marketing, and more. By continuously updating your skills and knowledge, you become a more valuable asset to your current employer and increase your chances of landing new opportunities.

2. Increased Visibility and Reach

In the highly competitive job market, having a strong online presence is essential. LinkedIn Premium gives you the ability to see who has viewed your profile and provides insights on how to improve your visibility. Additionally, you can take advantage of advanced search filters to find and connect with professionals in your desired industry or role. By expanding your network and engaging with relevant content, you increase your chances of being noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

3. InMail Messaging

One of the standout features of LinkedIn Premium is the ability to send direct messages to professionals outside of your network through InMail. This can be a game-changer when it comes to networking and exploring new career opportunities. InMail allows you to reach out to hiring managers, industry leaders, or potential mentors, making it easier to establish meaningful connections that can open doors to new opportunities.

4. Advanced Analytics and Insights

LinkedIn Premium provides access to detailed analytics and insights about how your profile is performing. You can see who is viewing your profile, where they are located, and what industries they belong to. This information can be invaluable in tailoring your profile to attract the right audience and make strategic career decisions. By leveraging these insights, you can optimize your profile and make data-driven choices that align with your career goals.

LinkedIn Premium Features

Let’s explore some of the key features offered by LinkedIn Premium:

1. Open Profile

With LinkedIn Premium, you have the option to display an Open Profile badge on your profile. This badge signals to other LinkedIn members that you are open to receiving messages and connections, even from those outside of your network. This feature can help you attract more opportunities and expand your professional network.

2. Enhanced Job Search

LinkedIn Premium provides advanced job search filters that allow you to refine your search based on criteria such as location, industry, and experience level. You can also set up job alerts to receive notifications when new opportunities that match your preferences become available. This feature saves you time and effort by presenting you with the most relevant job openings.

3. Who’s Viewed Your Profile

LinkedIn Premium gives you access to the full list of individuals who have viewed your profile, even if they are not in your network. This feature allows you to identify potential leads, partners, or employers who are interested in your skills and experience. By reaching out to these individuals, you can start meaningful conversations and explore potential collaborations or job opportunities.

4. Premium Insights

LinkedIn Premium offers exclusive access to premium insights about companies and their employees. You can gain valuable information about a company’s growth, hiring trends, and employee demographics. This knowledge can be leveraged during job interviews or while networking to demonstrate your industry awareness and make informed decisions about potential employers.

LinkedIn Premium Cost

LinkedIn Premium plans come with different price points to cater to various needs and budgets. The cost of LinkedIn Premium varies depending on the plan you choose and whether you opt for monthly or annual billing. It is important to evaluate the features and benefits of each plan to determine which one aligns best with your career goals. While the cost may seem prohibitive to some, the potential return on investment in terms of career growth and opportunities can make it well worth it.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

The decision to invest in LinkedIn Premium ultimately depends on your individual career goals and circumstances. Here are a few factors to consider when evaluating whether LinkedIn Premium is worth it for you:

1. Career Stage

If you are just starting your career or currently unemployed, LinkedIn Premium can provide a significant advantage. The enhanced job search features, increased visibility, and access to learning resources can help you land your first job or transition into a new industry. On the other hand, if you are already established in your career and have a strong network, the benefits of LinkedIn Premium may be less pronounced.

2. Industry and Job Market

The value of LinkedIn Premium also varies depending on the industry and job market you are in. Some industries, such as technology and finance, heavily rely on LinkedIn for recruitment and networking. In these industries, having access to advanced search filters, analytics, and InMail messaging can give you a competitive edge. However, in industries where LinkedIn is not as widely used, the benefits of LinkedIn Premium may be less significant.

3. Long-Term Career Goals

Consider your long-term career goals and how LinkedIn Premium can support them. If you aspire to reach leadership positions or switch to a more specialized role, the learning resources and insights offered by LinkedIn Premium can be invaluable. Additionally, if you are looking to expand your professional network and establish connections with industry leaders, LinkedIn Premium can provide the necessary tools and opportunities.

4. Personal Budget

Lastly, it is important to assess whether the cost of LinkedIn Premium fits within your personal budget. Evaluate the potential return on investment in terms of career growth, job opportunities, and networking prospects. If the benefits outweigh the cost and you can comfortably afford the subscription, LinkedIn Premium is likely worth it.

LinkedIn Premium Discounts

LinkedIn occasionally offers discounts and promotions on their Premium plans. Keep an eye out for these opportunities, especially during holiday seasons or special events. By taking advantage of these discounts, you can access LinkedIn Premium at a more affordable price while still enjoying all the benefits it has to offer.


LinkedIn Premium plans offer a range of features and benefits that can significantly support your career development and advancement. From access to LinkedIn Learning and enhanced visibility to InMail messaging and advanced analytics, LinkedIn Premium equips you with the tools you need to stand out in a competitive job market. While the cost of LinkedIn Premium may be a consideration, the potential return on investment in terms of career growth and opportunities makes it a worthwhile investment for many professionals. Evaluate your career goals, industry, and personal budget to determine whether LinkedIn Premium is the right fit for you. Unlock your full career potential with LinkedIn Premium!

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