How to incorporate video marketing into your LinkedIn strategy


26 Sep 2023  •   5 minutes read

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How to Incorporate Video Marketing into Your LinkedIn Strategy

In today’s digital age, video marketing has become an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. With its ability to engage and captivate audiences, video content has proven to be highly effective in driving brand awareness and conversions. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform, offers a unique opportunity for businesses to leverage the power of video to connect with their target audience. In this article, we will explore how you can incorporate video marketing into your LinkedIn strategy to achieve your marketing goals.

Why Video Marketing on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is not just a platform for job seekers and professionals to connect; it has evolved into a powerful marketing tool for businesses. With over 774 million members worldwide, LinkedIn provides a vast audience for businesses to reach. Additionally, LinkedIn users are highly engaged and receptive to professional content, making it an ideal platform for video marketing.

When it comes to B2B marketing, LinkedIn is unparalleled. According to LinkedIn’s own data, LinkedIn members are 20 times more likely to share a video on the platform than any other type of post. Furthermore, LinkedIn’s video ads have been found to generate 3 times more conversions than other ad formats. These statistics clearly demonstrate the potential of video marketing on LinkedIn.

Types of Video Content for LinkedIn

Before diving into video marketing on LinkedIn, it’s important to understand the different types of video content you can create. Here are some popular types of video content that work well on the platform:

1. Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos offer a behind-the-scenes look at your organization, showcasing your values, work environment, and employee experiences. These videos humanize your brand and help establish an emotional connection with your audience. Company culture videos are particularly effective for attracting top talent and building brand loyalty.

2. Product Demos and Tutorials

If you have a complex product or service, video demos and tutorials can be a great way to educate your audience and demonstrate the value of your offerings. These videos should focus on solving a specific problem or addressing a pain point that your target audience may have. By providing valuable information through video, you can establish yourself as an industry expert and build trust with your audience.

3. Thought Leadership Videos

Thought leadership videos are an opportunity to share your expertise and insights with your audience. These videos can cover industry trends, best practices, or provide valuable tips and advice. By positioning yourself as a thought leader, you can attract a following of engaged professionals who turn to you for guidance and expertise.

4. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are powerful social proof that can influence purchasing decisions. By featuring satisfied customers in your video content, you can build trust and credibility with your target audience. It’s important to select customers who represent your ideal buyer persona and showcase how your product or service has made a positive impact on their business.

How to Create Engaging Video Content for LinkedIn

Now that you have an understanding of the different types of video content, let’s explore how you can create engaging videos for LinkedIn:

1. Keep it Short and Concise

LinkedIn users are busy professionals, so it’s important to grab their attention quickly. Keep your videos short and to the point, ideally under two minutes. Focus on delivering your key message efficiently and make sure your video is visually engaging to maintain viewer interest.

2. Optimize for Mobile Viewing

The majority of LinkedIn users access the platform via mobile devices. Therefore, it’s crucial to optimize your videos for mobile viewing. Use vertical or square video formats to ensure your content displays properly on mobile screens. Additionally, make sure your videos have clear and concise captions, as many users watch videos without sound.

3. Tell a Compelling Story

Storytelling is a powerful tool in marketing, and it applies to video content as well. Craft a compelling story that resonates with your target audience and evokes an emotional response. Whether it’s showcasing a customer success story or highlighting your company’s journey, a well-told story can make your video memorable and shareable.

4. Include a Call-to-Action

Every video should have a clear call-to-action (CTA) at the end. Whether it’s directing viewers to visit your website, download a whitepaper, or contact your sales team, the CTA should align with your marketing goals. Make sure the CTA is prominently displayed and easy to follow to maximize conversions.

Promoting Your Video Content on LinkedIn

Creating great video content is just the first step. To get the most out of your video marketing efforts on LinkedIn, you need to promote your content effectively. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. Share Videos in LinkedIn Company Updates

One of the easiest ways to promote your video content is by sharing it as a company update on your LinkedIn Page. Write a compelling description that entices viewers to watch the video, and include relevant hashtags to increase visibility. Encourage your employees and colleagues to engage with the post by liking, commenting, and sharing to extend its reach.

2. Publish Videos on LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a content publishing platform that allows you to reach a wider audience with your video content. Publish your video as an article on LinkedIn Pulse, and optimize it with relevant keywords and tags. This will increase the discoverability of your content and attract more viewers.

3. Utilize LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups offer a valuable opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and share your video content. Find relevant groups in your industry or niche, and join the conversation by sharing your videos as a resource. Make sure to follow the group’s guidelines and engage with other members to establish your credibility.

4. Sponsored Video Ads

If you want to reach a larger audience quickly, consider running sponsored video ads on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn’s ad targeting options, you can ensure your videos are seen by the right people. Define your target audience based on criteria such as job title, industry, and location, and create compelling video ads that resonate with them.

Measuring the Success of Your LinkedIn Video Marketing

As with any marketing campaign, it’s important to measure the success of your LinkedIn video marketing efforts. Here are some key metrics to track:

1. Views and Engagement

Track the number of views your videos receive and the level of engagement they generate. Look for metrics such as likes, comments, and shares to gauge audience interest and interaction. This will help you identify which videos resonate the most with your target audience.

2. Click-Through Rates (CTRs)

For videos with a call-to-action, monitor the click-through rates to measure how effective your videos are at driving conversions. A high CTR indicates that your video content is compelling and prompts viewers to take the desired action.

3. Conversion Rates

If your videos are driving traffic to your website or landing pages, track the conversion rates to determine how many viewers are taking the desired action. This will give you insight into the effectiveness of your video marketing in generating leads or sales.

In Conclusion

Video marketing is a powerful tool that can elevate your LinkedIn strategy to new heights. By creating engaging video content and promoting it effectively, you can connect with your target audience, build brand awareness, and drive conversions. Remember to optimize your videos for mobile viewing, tell compelling stories, and include clear call-to-actions to maximize the impact of your video marketing efforts on LinkedIn. So, what are you waiting for? Start incorporating video into your LinkedIn strategy today and unlock the full potential of this powerful platform.

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