How to use the LinkedIn profile dashboard to display your professional certifications


26 Sep 2023  •   3 minutes read

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How to Use the LinkedIn Profile Dashboard to Display Your Professional Certifications

LinkedIn has become an essential platform for professionals to showcase their skills, experience, and achievements. Among the many features LinkedIn offers for profile personalization, the profile dashboard allows you to display your professional certifications prominently. This not only helps you stand out from the crowd but also adds credibility to your profile. In this article, we will guide you through the process of using the LinkedIn profile dashboard to display your professional certifications.

Why Displaying Your Certifications on LinkedIn Matters

With millions of professionals on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to make your profile stand out and leave a lasting impression. Displaying your certifications on your LinkedIn profile can greatly enhance your online presence and increase your chances of being noticed by potential employers, clients, or collaborators.

By showcasing your certifications, you demonstrate your commitment to professional development and continuous learning. It’s a way to validate your expertise and provide evidence of your qualifications. This can help you build trust and credibility with your network and potential connections.

Step 1: Update Your Profile

The first step in displaying your professional certifications on LinkedIn is to ensure that your profile is up to date. Take the time to review your profile and make sure it reflects your current professional status and achievements. This includes updating your employment history, education, and any other relevant information.

It’s also important to optimize your LinkedIn profile by including relevant keywords that reflect your skills, industry, and areas of expertise. This will help your profile appear in relevant searches and attract the right audience.

Step 2: Add a Certification Section to Your Profile

LinkedIn provides a dedicated section for certifications on your profile. To add this section, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Add profile section” button.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select “Licenses & Certifications.”
  3. Enter the details of your certification, including the name of the certification, the organization that issued it, the date it was issued, and any other relevant information.
  4. Click “Save” to add the certification to your profile.

By adding a certification section to your profile, you create a dedicated space for your certifications, making it easy for others to find and recognize your qualifications.

Step 3: Customize the Display of Your Certifications

LinkedIn allows you to customize the display of your certifications to make them more visually appealing and easy to read. To customize the display, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the pencil icon next to the certification you want to customize.
  2. Choose the display option that suits your preference. LinkedIn offers two options: “Display as separate certification entries” or “Display as a single entry.”
  3. If you choose to display as separate entries, you can rearrange the order of your certifications by dragging and dropping them.
  4. Click “Save” to apply the changes to your profile.

Customizing the display of your certifications allows you to organize them in a way that makes sense to you and highlights the most relevant ones.

Step 4: Request Recommendations for Your Certifications

Recommendations are a powerful way to enhance your profile and validate your skills and expertise. LinkedIn allows you to request recommendations specifically for your certifications. To request a recommendation, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Ask for a recommendation” button in the certification section of your profile.
  2. Choose the connection you want to request a recommendation from. You can select multiple connections.
  3. Write a personalized message explaining why you are requesting the recommendation and how it will benefit both parties.
  4. Click “Send” to send the recommendation request.

By requesting recommendations for your certifications, you add social proof to your profile and demonstrate that others value your skills and expertise.

Step 5: Share Your Certifications on Your LinkedIn Feed

Once you have added your certifications to your profile, it’s important to share them with your network. This can be done by creating a post on your LinkedIn feed. To share your certifications, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Start a post” box on your LinkedIn feed.
  2. Write a short message about your certifications and their significance.
  3. Click on the “Attach” icon and select the “Document” option.
  4. Choose the file containing your certification or upload it from your device.
  5. Click “Post” to share your certifications with your network.

Sharing your certifications on your LinkedIn feed helps increase their visibility and reach. It also allows you to highlight your achievements and attract potential opportunities.


Displaying your professional certifications on LinkedIn is a powerful way to enhance your online presence and showcase your qualifications. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively use the LinkedIn profile dashboard to display your certifications and stand out from the crowd. Remember to keep your profile updated, customize the display of your certifications, request recommendations, and share your certifications with your network. With a well-curated LinkedIn profile, you can attract the right opportunities and build a strong professional network.

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