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LinkedIn Certifications   Upskilling is an important part of individual career development in the modern world. With an overpowering commitment towards work, family and numerous other things, with time enrollment into a proper formal institution to learn skills and spend money becomes extremely difficult. Online learning platforms are fortunately solving this problem while you maintain […]

15 Sep 2022

Skill Sets on LinkedIn Along with its partners, IBM, Meta, Microsoft and Oracle, LinkedIn announced the third-party certification initiative. This was done to enable LinkedIn’s members to groom their skills from the credible companies and display their achievements on their profiles and its partners to integrate their certification assessment engines into Linked Learning. This will […]

14 Sep 2022

LinkedIn Scheduling Tips LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. It allows you to connect with other professionals in your industry and share content that you find relevant to your profession. LinkedIn also has a feature called ‘Publishing’. Publishing allows you to schedule posts, so they go out at the time and date of your […]

12 Sep 2022

Send a Cold Message on LinkedIn Cold messages on LinkedIn are messages that are sent to someone who is not a connection. They are often used to make the first contact with a company or individual who you want to do business with. These cold messages should be short and sweet, and they should be […]

08 Sep 2022

With the digital transformation through technology and social media, agencies have higher chances of generating revenue. Marketing services today are all about full end-to-end lead generation/sales solutions that result in either leads being fed directly into a customer’s CRM system for their sales team to convert or a direct sale that yields instant revenue for […]

07 Sep 2022

LiProspect 4Ps of Marketing Marketing is the process of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. A company invests in marketing to increase the demand for its products and services. A marketer can promote a product or service by using various techniques such as public relations, advertising, publicity stunts, social media marketing, e-marketing or […]

06 Sep 2022

With Labor Day 2021 being affected by Covid-19, Labor Day 2022 is anticipated with fervor in the USA. Consumers are looking forward to the Labor Day discounts excitedly. This holiday is often about spending quality time with your loved ones, hosting and attending barbecues and parties. Food, drinking and chilling is the game for every […]

02 Sep 2022

New Business Manager on LinkedIn Every business today is operating on multiple accounts. The idea has become so common that social media platforms like LinkedIn are trying to make things more manageable and better for the business community on the platform. Now businesses that are managing their marketing processes through multiple LinkedIn accounts can now […]

30 Aug 2022

For B2B prospecting, LinkedIn is an amazing tool. It generates potential consumers with all its functionality. LinkedIn is a social media platform that is used to make connections and build business relationships. To be successful on LinkedIn, you need to have a well-written profile, relevant connections, and an engaging message sequence. When sales people realize […]

29 Aug 2022

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