Strategies for using LinkedIn Premium to showcase thought leadership in your industry


26 Sep 2023  •   4 minutes read

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LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for professionals looking to network, find job opportunities, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. With over 740 million members worldwide, LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and showcase your expertise. One way to stand out on LinkedIn is by utilizing LinkedIn Premium, a subscription-based service that offers a range of powerful features and benefits.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a paid subscription service offered by LinkedIn that provides enhanced features and tools to help users get the most out of their LinkedIn experience. There are several different plans available, each tailored to specific needs and goals. Whether you’re a job seeker, a sales professional, or a business owner looking to expand your network, LinkedIn Premium has a plan for you.

LinkedIn Premium Benefits

Investing in a LinkedIn Premium subscription comes with a variety of benefits that can help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Here are some of the key advantages:

Enhanced Profile Visibility

With a LinkedIn Premium subscription, you can increase your profile visibility and make it easier for others to find you. Premium members receive priority placement in LinkedIn search results, which means that your profile will be more likely to appear at the top of the list when someone searches for professionals in your industry. This increased visibility can help you attract more connections and opportunities.

InMail Messaging

One of the most powerful features of LinkedIn Premium is the ability to send InMail messages to other LinkedIn members, even if you’re not connected. InMail allows you to reach out to industry leaders, potential clients, or hiring managers directly, without the need for a mutual connection. This can be a game-changer when it comes to building relationships and establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Advanced Analytics

LinkedIn Premium provides access to advanced analytics that can help you track the performance of your content and engagement with your network. You’ll be able to see who’s viewing your profile, how your posts are performing, and which industries and companies your connections are from. These insights can help you refine your content strategy and identify new opportunities for growth.

LinkedIn Premium Plans

LinkedIn Premium offers several different plans to cater to the specific needs and goals of its users. Here are some of the most popular plans:

LinkedIn Premium Business

LinkedIn Premium Business is designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to expand their network and generate leads. This plan includes features such as advanced search filters, lead recommendations, and unlimited profile searches. With LinkedIn Premium Business, you’ll have the tools you need to find and connect with potential clients and partners.

LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator

If you’re in sales or business development, LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator can be a game-changer. This plan includes features such as lead recommendations, advanced search filters, and the ability to save and track leads. You’ll also have access to in-depth company insights and the ability to send personalized InMail messages to potential clients. LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for building relationships and closing deals.

LinkedIn Premium Job Search

For job seekers, LinkedIn Premium Job Search provides a range of features and tools to help you find your next opportunity. This plan includes features such as advanced search filters, access to salary insights, and the ability to see who’s viewed your profile. With LinkedIn Premium Job Search, you’ll be able to stand out to recruiters and hiring managers and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

Now that we’ve explored some of the key features and benefits of LinkedIn Premium, you may be wondering if it’s worth the investment. The answer depends on your specific goals and needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Your Industry

If you’re in a competitive industry where establishing thought leadership is crucial, LinkedIn Premium can give you a significant advantage. The enhanced profile visibility, InMail messaging, and advanced analytics can help you stand out and attract the attention of key players in your industry.

Your Goals

Think about what you hope to achieve on LinkedIn. Are you looking to network with industry leaders, generate leads for your business, or find your next job opportunity? LinkedIn Premium offers specific plans tailored to these goals, so if any of them align with your objectives, it may be worth considering.

Your Budget

LinkedIn Premium does come at a cost, and it’s important to assess whether the benefits outweigh the subscription fee. Consider your budget and how much value you believe LinkedIn Premium will bring to your professional growth. It may be helpful to start with a free trial to get a better understanding of the features and benefits before committing to a subscription.

Maximizing LinkedIn Premium for Thought Leadership

If you decide to invest in LinkedIn Premium, here are some strategies to maximize its potential for showcasing your thought leadership:

Create and Share High-Quality Content

One of the best ways to establish yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn is by creating and sharing high-quality content. Use LinkedIn’s publishing platform to write articles and share insights on topics relevant to your industry. Leverage the advanced analytics provided by LinkedIn Premium to track the performance of your content and identify what resonates with your audience.

Engage with Your Network

Building relationships and engaging with your network is essential for thought leadership. Take advantage of LinkedIn Premium’s InMail messaging feature to reach out to industry leaders, influencers, and potential collaborators. Personalize your messages and offer value to establish meaningful connections.

Participate in Groups and Discussions

LinkedIn Groups provide a platform for professionals to connect, share insights, and engage in discussions. Join industry-specific groups and actively participate in conversations to showcase your expertise and thought leadership. LinkedIn Premium allows you to message group members directly, which can be a valuable way to connect with like-minded professionals.

Utilize LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn Premium provides access to powerful analytics that can help you understand your audience, track engagement, and identify new opportunities. Take advantage of these insights to refine your content strategy, identify gaps in the market, and stay ahead of industry trends.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Premium Discounts

LinkedIn often offers discounts and promotions for its Premium plans. Keep an eye out for these opportunities, as they can help you save money while still accessing the powerful features and benefits of LinkedIn Premium. Additionally, consider bundling LinkedIn Premium with other professional development resources to maximize your investment.


LinkedIn Premium offers a range of features and benefits that can help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. From enhanced profile visibility to advanced analytics and personalized InMail messaging, LinkedIn Premium provides the tools you need to stand out and make meaningful connections. Consider your goals, industry, and budget when deciding if LinkedIn Premium is worth it for you, and if you decide to invest, be sure to leverage the strategies outlined above to maximize its potential for showcasing your thought leadership.

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