Strategies for utilizing LinkedIn’s recommendation feature to build trust and credibility


26 Sep 2023  •   3 minutes read

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In today’s digital age, building trust and credibility is essential for success in any industry. One platform that can greatly assist in this endeavor is LinkedIn. With over 660 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the leading professional networking site and offers a range of features to help professionals showcase their expertise and connect with others in their field.

Why are Recommendations Important on LinkedIn?

Recommendations on LinkedIn are essentially testimonials from colleagues, clients, or supervisors that vouch for your skills and expertise. These recommendations serve as social proof and provide potential clients or employers with an unbiased perspective on your abilities. Having a strong collection of recommendations can significantly boost your credibility and make you stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, LinkedIn recommendations can also increase your visibility on the platform. Recommendations are displayed prominently on your profile and can be seen by anyone who visits your page. This can help you attract new connections and opportunities.

How to Request Recommendations on LinkedIn?

Requesting recommendations on LinkedIn is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Identify the Right People to Ask

When requesting recommendations, it’s important to reach out to individuals who can speak to your professional abilities and have worked closely with you. This could include former colleagues, clients, supervisors, or business partners. The more relevant the recommendation, the more impact it will have on your profile.

2. Personalize Your Request

When sending a recommendation request, avoid using the generic LinkedIn message. Instead, take the time to personalize your request. Mention specific projects or experiences you shared with the person and explain why their recommendation would be valuable. This personal touch shows that you value their opinion and increases the likelihood of receiving a positive recommendation.

3. Provide Guidance

While it’s important to allow the person writing the recommendation to express their thoughts freely, you can provide them with some guidance to ensure the recommendation aligns with your goals. You can suggest specific skills or accomplishments you would like them to highlight. However, make sure to do this in a respectful and non-demanding manner.

4. Follow Up and Express Gratitude

Once you receive a recommendation, take the time to thank the person who wrote it. A simple message expressing your gratitude can go a long way in maintaining professional relationships. Additionally, keep in touch with your connections and offer to reciprocate by writing recommendations for them as well.

How to Leverage Recommendations for Building Trust and Credibility?

Now that you have a collection of valuable recommendations, it’s time to leverage them to build trust and credibility. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. Showcase Recommendations on Your Profile

The first step is to prominently display your recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn allows you to choose which recommendations to showcase, so make sure to select the ones that are most relevant to your goals. Place them strategically so that they are easily visible to anyone who visits your profile.

2. Use Recommendations in Job Applications

If you’re applying for a new job, consider including relevant recommendations in your application. This can help potential employers see the value you bring to the table and increase your chances of landing an interview. Choose recommendations that highlight skills or experiences that are directly related to the position you’re applying for.

3. Share Recommendations on Social Media

LinkedIn recommendations can be a powerful tool for building credibility not only on the platform but also on other social media channels. Share selected recommendations on platforms like Twitter or Facebook to showcase your expertise to a wider audience. This can help you attract new connections and potential clients.

4. Incorporate Recommendations in your LinkedIn Posts

When creating content for LinkedIn, consider incorporating snippets or quotes from your recommendations. This adds an extra layer of social proof to your posts and can help you establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Just make sure to attribute the quotes to the individuals who provided the recommendations.


LinkedIn’s recommendation feature is a valuable tool for building trust and credibility in the professional world. By actively seeking recommendations and leveraging them effectively, you can enhance your profile, attract new opportunities, and establish yourself as a trusted authority in your industry.

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