The benefits of including volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile dashboard


26 Sep 2023  •   3 minutes read

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The Benefits of Including Volunteer Experience on Your LinkedIn Profile Dashboard

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that allows professionals to connect, network, and showcase their skills and experiences. While many individuals focus on their work experience and education when creating their LinkedIn profile, one area that is often overlooked is volunteer experience.

Why Include Volunteer Experience on Your LinkedIn Profile?

There are several benefits to including volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile.

1. Demonstrates Your Values and Interests

Volunteer experience allows you to showcase your values and interests outside of your professional life. It gives potential employers and connections a glimpse into who you are as a person and what causes you are passionate about. This can help you stand out and make a positive impression.

2. Highlights Transferable Skills

Volunteer work often involves a range of skills that can be transferable to the workplace. By including your volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile, you can highlight these skills and demonstrate how they can be valuable in a professional setting. For example, if you volunteered at a local non-profit organization and helped organize fundraising events, you can showcase skills such as event planning, project management, and communication.

3. Shows Your Commitment and Reliability

Volunteering requires a certain level of commitment and reliability. By including volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile, you are showing potential employers that you are willing to go above and beyond and contribute to causes that you believe in. This can help you stand out as a dedicated and reliable professional.

4. Expands Your Network

Volunteer work often involves collaborating with a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds and industries. By including your volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile, you can expand your network and connect with professionals who share similar interests and values. This can lead to new opportunities, collaborations, and mentorship.

How to Include Volunteer Experience on Your LinkedIn Profile

Now that you understand the benefits of including volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile, here are some tips on how to effectively showcase it:

1. Add Volunteer Experience as a Job

LinkedIn allows you to add volunteer experience as a separate job entry. When adding volunteer experience, make sure to include the organization’s name, your role or position, the dates of your involvement, and a brief description of your responsibilities and achievements. This will provide a clear and comprehensive overview of your volunteer experience.

2. Highlight Key Achievements

Just like with your work experience, it’s important to highlight key achievements and outcomes from your volunteer work. Did you help raise a significant amount of funds for a charity? Did you organize a successful community event? By showcasing your accomplishments, you can demonstrate your impact and the value you brought to the organization.

3. Request Recommendations

LinkedIn allows you to request recommendations from connections. Consider reaching out to individuals you worked closely with during your volunteer experience and ask them to write a recommendation for you. These recommendations can provide valuable insights into your work ethic, skills, and character.

4. Share Relevant Media and Content

If you have any photos, videos, or articles related to your volunteer work, consider sharing them on your LinkedIn profile. This can provide visual evidence of your involvement and showcase your dedication to the cause.


Including volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile can have numerous benefits. It allows you to showcase your values and interests, highlight transferable skills, demonstrate your commitment and reliability, and expand your professional network. By following the tips mentioned above, you can effectively showcase your volunteer experience and make a positive impression on potential employers and connections.

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