7 Ups for Your LinkedIn Job Hunt

24 Jun 2022  •   2 minutes read

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LinkedIn Job Hunt

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for people looking for jobs. It is a place where you can find a job opportunity and also a place where you can have an interview. It is also a great place to network with people in your industry, find mentors, and get career advice.

If you are not on LinkedIn yet, it is time to start with the job hunt!

1. Download 1st Connections

Networking at LinkedIn with an intention to find a job is always easier with the people you already know. LinkedIn will send you a list of them, here is how:

  1. Go to ‘Me’ > Settings & Privacy
  2. Choose ‘Get A Copy of Your Data’
  3. Click the 2nd Option
  4. Select ‘Connections’
  5. Request the Archive

2. Find Content Creators

An easy way to network for a job hunt is through content. Do this to find content creators of your dream organizations:

  1. Search LinkedIn for job-related terms.
  2. Filter for ‘Posts’
  3. Go to All Filters > Author Company and add your targets.

Now you have a list of content creators from your favorite companies to start the work.


3. Find Career Changers

There are millions of people across the globe who change their jobs in order to switch their career path. You can find them by:

  1. Search for your target job
  2. Filter for ‘People’
  3. Add 10 targets to the ‘Companies’ filter
  4. Add 10 companies in your current industry to ‘Past Companies’

Now you have a list of people who went from their current industry to your target industry and this can make your job hunt process more valuable.

4. See Who’s Hiring

Many hiring managers on LinkedIn post about the open roles. Here is how you can find them:

  1. Search for: Target Job Title + Hiring
  2. Filter for ‘Posts’
  3. Go to All Filters > Author Company
  4. Add your target companies

Apply for the job role and DM (Direct Message) the person who has posted it.


5. Cultural Research

People are always hesitant to join a new place because of their skepticism about the work culture. Connecting with the ex-employees of an organization can give you a brief view of the overall workplace culture.

Here is how you can find them:

How to find them:

  1. Run a blank search
  2. Add your target company to the ‘Past Company’ filter

This kind of search will enable you to find out every other person who has worked in your targeted organization on LinkedIn and left for a better option.

6. Find Salaries

On LinkedIn almost every job post you come across does not post a salary range. But you can search your target job based on your salary range. This will give you an edge over adjusting the salary range for the cost of living in your region and give you more accurate salary data. 


7. Want More Job Hunt Advice Like This?

If you are looking for more advice like this regarding job search on LinkedIn follow LiProspect. LiProspect allows you to Build your LinkedIn automation strategy so you can end up doing better job search.

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