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Review of ProspectIN

Every marketing of products, goods, or services to customers or consumers begins with prospecting. Whether you are closing a million-dollar worth deal, or a pounds sterling worth deal, or even getting a partner for the job, or the business, it all begins with prospecting.

The act of prospecting is simply marketing goods to a potential customer, which explains the name “prospects” given to potential customers or even current customers as the case may be.

In this article today, we will be looking at a review of two LinkedIn prospecting software which are: ProspectIN and LiProspect (LinkedIn Prospects).

Before a proper review, we will in this segment, briefly introduce you to the two LinkedIn prospecting softwares which are our focus in today’s article.


ProspectIN is a LinkedIn Prospecting software automated to promote sales of products, commodities, and services on LinkedIn for LinkedIn users. It is secured for both business owners and their businesses, as well as for prospects (potential customers or consumers). In summary, ProspectIN is a business-to-business (B2B) lead or business-to-consumer (B2C) lead.


Significance of ProspectIN Sales Automation Software:

Like so many other LinkedIn sales automation apps, ProspectIN also is significant for a few reasons which are detailed below.

For Agencies, it provides the following:

  • Advanced Reporting
  • White-label dashboard
  • Future proof with real results

For Sales team, salesflow provides:

  • Safe prospecting
  • Centralized activity monitoring
  • Easy customer relationship management integration

For Startups, the salesflow avails:

  • Centralized dashboard
  • Advanced filters
  • Powerful Automation


LinkedIn Prospect (LiProspect):

LiProspect like ProspectIN is a LinkedIn prospecting software that generates marketing to prospects (potential customers), and Follow-ups on a complete auto-pilot mode. LiProspect promises to be the most secure cloud-based Linkedin automation software with a humanized algorithm, that makes it distinct from other “business to business” lead generation apps.

It promises to make the process of reaching out to the target audience or contact using LinkedIn faster, more efficient, and safe, using its proven business-to-business leads marketing and sales techniques.


Features of the ProspectIN app

Sales automation apps like ProspectIN and Liprospect have amazing features that make it easier for users with great results.

ProspectIN offers a range of different features, all with the aim of helping; and these goals are laid out and well detailed on the website. So with the different features, it is easier to know how to tweak things for yourself on LinkedIn space to attract more prospects or potential customers.

These features include:

  • Email Campaign Sequence
  • Safety Usage limit
  • Automated post
  • Team management
  • Integration
  • Advanced CRM
  • Send Connection Requests
  • Personalized Follow Up Sequence
  • In-depth Analytics and Dashboard
  • Manage Prospects with Tags and Notes
  • Send Unlimited Inmail Messages
  • Customized client access
  • Manage everything from one place
  • Skyrocket your agency profits


Email Campaign Sequences

Sometimes to advertise better, email campaigns are usually the best, especially because it gives the reader the feeling that the message is specifically for him or her, especially when the contents are well written and personalized.

Apart from making posts, the other best way to reach your customers or prospects is by sending your preferred email. ProspectIN allows you to manage the subject line, personalize the messages, and automate sending these emails without much stress. You can equally change the email address messages when you wish.

However, the essence of the Email sequence is to enable your follow-up mails properly and send them decently to prospects, so that you do not scare off potential customers with lots of mails, or get barred.


Safety Usage Limits

Linkedin users should be conversant with a LinkedIn policy that once activities from an account become suspicious, probably as a result of lots of posting, that they take steps to find out why, and ensure that there are no issues with the account, or that the account has not been hacked or any such thing. Sometimes LinkedIn runs captcha to investigate this.

ProspectIN sales automation app has safety usage limits which automatically place your campaigns and posts on a moderate limit to be sure you do not violate any of Linkedin commercial rules which can lead to suspicion and eventually banning, by setting limits daily. Once limits have been set, the problem is solved.

In the same vein, ProspectIN has an analysis tool that helps users monitor and keeps accounts safe by changing posts and the daily engagement limits as well as the timing.


Automated Post

One way to get more users into your sales funnel is by feeding them with the needed information. Apparently, the only way to feed your audience with the correct information is by making posts.

It doesn’t matter how good your products are, or how skillful you are, if you are not posting related contents on LinkedIn, no one in that space will know what you are capable of, so no one will contact you, and you won’t be able to earn more nor get more potential customers (prospects).

More so, it is not easy to always make posts, it could be boring, mentally exhausting, and just tiring sometimes, and on some days, it feels like the universe deposited great content in you.

ProspectIN understands all of these challenges, which is why it also has a feature that helps users to schedule posts. With this feature, you could create posts in advance, schedule them and carry on with your other activities while ProspectIN takes care of your worries with posting.


Team Management

ProspectIN sales automation app provides a platform for you to cooperate with a team to promote your company and increase your sales pipeline using the team management feature. This is because, to achieve success in business or anything, there has to be even coordination which comes with the cooperation of teams.

So knowing this, ProspectIN gives users the opportunity to create admins, and add more positions needed to get work done how they want it. The feature can automatically track and log sales activities which makes it easier for sales managers to make decisions and also enables the team to effectively achieve efficiency at work, or on the LinkedIn space.

This feature allows users to have more than a virtual experience, it brings prospecting to life because Team managers are also able to centrally manage their billings and other setups on the software.



ProspectIN enables users to integrate users’ existing workflow, CRM, and other tools in your sales pipeline. Although this is a feature that all automation tools offer to be able to carry out a successful campaign.


Advanced Linkedin CRM

ProspectIN sales automation app also has a purpose-built customer relationship management which helps in providing full access to your Linkedin connections’ detailed information. This helps sales automation users to manage different contact details from their connection network and sometimes beyond efficiently, and is very effective as it yields tremendous results.

This feature also allows business owners or teams access up to ten search options or even more as the case may be, and filters to create complex searches and get a more streamlined option to pick from.

You can also track each of your lead’s progress on your campaign to see why stage the lead is on. My personal favorite from this feature is the ability to add notes to each lead in the form of tags to serve as a reminder of your interaction and progress with them.


Send Connection Requests

While using LinkedIn, it’s always important to send connection requests because it widens the sales pipeline. Inversely, sending connection requests is not something that can be done easily, because of the manual or traditional methods of sending connection requests which makes it very boring.

It is a great delight to assert that the ProspectIN sales automation app or software and the LinkedIn prospecting app introduced an automated connection request feature that takes care of the burden.

This means that you can now efficiently, and effectively grow your network with the auto connection requests feature sending connection requests to targeted accounts on your behalf, as well as the ability to write a compelling intro and personalization for you without you having to lift a finger other than activating the auto connection requests feature.

Sending connection requests just got better on LinkedIn.


Personalized Follow Up Sequence

Sometimes the automated follow-up can become a source of nuisance to prospects, especially after they have replied several times.

It is dangerous to drive without a honk and to drive without a break, so LinkedIn Prospects also has a feature that helps you set a follow-up sequence campaign with which your prospects can be nurtured in your absence, or inaction, or while you are asleep. Now the follow-up sequence feature on ProspectIN and on LiP automatically stops the sequence when a reply is detected from the prospect or prospects as the case may be.

Like other features, you will just have to set the feature up.


In-Depth Analytics and Dashboard

ProspectIN makes it possible for you to analyze your campaigns. Every time you log in, you are presented with a snapshot of your Linkedin account and all the activities taking place. You can go further to get precise and valuable information.

You can dig deeper into the analytics and get more precise and valuable information. With Alfred, you can compare different campaigns and know which is giving the best results which can be useful when setting up future campaigns to achieve better ROI from your efforts. These insights found on your dashboard are very actionable.


Powerful Campaign Manager

While running a campaign on the app is a great deal, doing it right is the greater deal hence, this app has a feature that can help you organize your campaign, and run it efficiently.

With ProspectIN, you can run and manage multiple campaign messages on Linkedin automatically and on a daily basis because it visits your target audience profile, sends in personalized connection requests, then when the requests are accepted, send multiple messages to follow up till you get a response from them.

The notable thing is that this can be pre-set in a way that it automatically does all this sequentially and with intervals (days apart) to avoid suspicion with the Email campaign sequence. Also, ProspectIN can detect when the conversation would need you to step in and take over and would stop sending automatic responses.

ProspectIN makes it possible for you to watch your statistics and keep track of your campaign performance. This is important because you need to know if your campaign message is good enough or needs improvement. You’ll be able to monitor profile views, the number of requests sent, and a host of other things to get tremendous results.


Manage Prospects with Tags and Notes

Managing prospects or potential customers and the business, as well as building the sales funnel may not be a very easy task to accomplish because sometimes, our inbox could be messy, that we lose interest in reading through the messages, hence we lose potential customers and prospects.

It’s not a problem that we can pretend does not exist, which is why the ProspectIN sales automation just like LinkedIn Prospecting provides a tool that helps users manage prospects with tags and notes.

If you conquer laziness, and every unwillingness to carefully segment your leads with more appealing tags and appealing notes, you will be able to easily filter your leads, and send to customer relationship management with ease. This feature on the LinkedIn automation app, ProspectIN precisely creates generation, as well as makes management easier.


Send Unlimited Inmail Messages

Whether your business is “Business to Business”, or “Business to Consumer”, the number of messages you can send contacts using the LinkedIn InMail messages on ProspectIN is virtually unlimited and ensures you can find, and contact who you really need in your sales funnel.

Using the InMail, as well as the regular messages, you can reach hundreds of prospects more effectively, and also efficiently because the results or outputs are really faster.

Even LinkedIn Prospects (LiProspect), once installed and signed up, enables you to send about eight hundred InMails per month to Linkedin Open Profiles and contacts. This feature also lets you send credit-based InMails which is largely depending on the ProspectIN Sales Navigator InMail credit in your account. Yes


Customized Client Access:

Another feature of the LinkedIn automation app is the customized client access. This feature grants your clients a lot of unlimited access to private leads, inboxes, and reports that have your agency’s logo and branding as a business owner.

To Utilize this feature, you will have to do the following:,

Design a logo for your brand,

Design a domain name for your brand,

Add your logo and add your domain name.

Then, set up the column for more interactions with your client through the advanced client reports segment of the same feature.

More so, endeavor to provide a custom LinkedIn inbox made for lead management.

ProspectIN has a reliable personalization variable which makes customized client access a lot easier.


Manage Everything From One Place:

The ProspectIN software site is written in French (Français), and could make it difficult for someone who has little or no knowledge of the language. So finding a way to manage the whole thing from one place could be the jackpot in using the ProspectIN automated system

ProspectIN has introduced a feature that enables you to track all your client activities from one global dashboard, which enables you to grow your business with confidence and scale it beyond the size of your team. More so, you can among other things review snapshots of all your campaigns from the ProspectIN global agency panel.

To activate this feature that enables you to manage everything from one place, you may just need to do the following:

Get access to potential clients, or prospects LinkedIn accounts, and sync with the ProspectIN sales automation software through the customer desktop agency ProspectIN software browser.

Subscribing to partnerships grants you access to this feature on ProspectIN or LinkedIn Prospects for the automation of the sales pipeline on LinkedIn.


Skyrocket your agency profits:

The last but not the least feature is the skyrocketing feature available to users to scale their LinkedIn services, as well as lower the management cost per client with the white-label dashboard available on ProspectIN.


One factor you must not ignore before using the ProspectIN Sales Automation App


Every good thing comes at a cost. Regardless of the cost, it is always better to choose quality over quantity. On the other hand, one must consider their finances too, to be sure that they afford what they intend to purchase. While the cost is not a feature, it is a factor that deserves to be considered.

ProspectIN like many other LinkedIn sales automation apps or softwares offers a free seven days trial period; which is not attached to any Credit card requirements and is worth a trial because if at the end of the seven days trial, you will decide if to continue or not.

If you find it productive, you can choose to continue building your sales funnel, and sales pipeline with the ProspectIN sales automation software. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want to get a surprise debit because you forgot to cancel your subscription.

On the other hand, if ProspectIN sales automation app is not something you wish to use may be due to any difficulty, or serious language barrier (being that most instructions are in French), or that you just do not like the sales automation app, you are free to discontinue using it, and will not be in debt, or under any obligation to make any payment to them.

Of Course, payments from MasterCard, and Visa. Prices are in USD, but also offer GBP and EUR depending on the user.

It is important to note that like LinkedIn prospecting, the ProspectIN sales automation app for LinkedIn users has different plans for users, depending on what they intend to achieve, and their budget.

These plans include the following:

  • Personal plan
  • Business plan


Personal plan

This is for individuals just as the name implies. However, you can choose to pay monthly, or quarterly; although quarterly is more cost-effective when considered the monthly payment.

Should you consider the personal plan, then know that this plan offers Standard features plus basic;

  • Campaign sequences.
  • Linkedin CRM.
  • Smart InBox to manage communications.
  • Templates and it’s for Single users only.


Business plan

As the name implies, this one is given to firms or business owners, as the case may be. There is a claim or an assumption that most users subscribe to this plan because of its advanced offers to users.

This plan is built for businesses/teams and you get all the standard features and personal plan offers plus Advanced.

These standard features and advanced features include:

  • Personalized Drip Campaigns Email
  • Social Media Post Scheduling,
  • CRM & Prospect Manager,
  • Integrates more than one thousand tools
  • Library that has over one thousand automated sample messages and team works (partly a team management feature).

However, you can choose to pay monthly, or quarterly; although quarterly is more cost-effective when considering the monthly payment. Some may consider it a trick, but the important thing is that the ProspectIN sales automation app serves you as you please.



For most articles, this part is usually my favorite section because after all the suggestions and sharing of necessary details in the preceding sections, you must at this point gotten the information you need, and decide if you should agree with the information you have here and follow the guides or if you should not agree with the information here and source elsewhere.

Having seen these features, and knowing what you intend to achieve, and the timeline you have set for yourself to achieve that, the onus is on you to make a choice and decide if to give ProspectIN a trial or not.

With an automated bot, you are assured of great service and have a larger sales funnel, and sales pipeline as a result of the massively generated leads, connections, prospects, and eventually actual customers who will bring you profit.

It is also expedient that you note that Prospecting has a language barrier because most of the contents are written in French, so if you are not at home with French, you may have to settle with LinkedIn prospecting which is written in English, and has a more direct connection with LinkedIn.

Interestingly, the ProspectIN sales automation software is on the higher side when compared to other software like Liprospect (LinkedIn prospecting) that offers the same features and a lot more at a lower price, which is also why I will pick LinkedIn prospecting over Prospecting.

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