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An Inside Look How to Write Relevant Messaging Sequence on LinkedIn

For B2B prospecting, LinkedIn is an amazing tool. It generates potential consumers with all its functionality. LinkedIn is a social media platform that is used to make connections and build business relationships. To be successful on LinkedIn, you need to have a well-written profile, relevant connections, and an engaging message sequence. When sales people realize the importance of LinkedIn, their inboxes get overloaded with the outreach messages. If these messages are not personalized and overly-done, unfortunately, they do not evoke any interest in the recipients. These messages can become your LinkedIn Network Booster only if they are effective. It is often difficult to write personalized LinkedIn messages but you can do them easily with the following tips and tricks:

Connection Request

You can connect with people on LinkedIn in various ways. They are most likely to accept your connection request if you try simply to be friendly in a formal way instead of pitching them right away. Remember that the key is to build a connection first before you can go further to discuss business. Secondly, you need to understand that LinkedIn messages are different to cold emails so the shorter the better. Remember less is more! LinkedIn messages appear in a small window with a little amount of symbols for the users to scroll. Your message will only be effectively read by the reader if it is just 5-7 sentences long so that the reader can read it in a go.

Thank You Message

Thank you messages are a game-changer if done right. It is obvious that these messages will not be too detailed so you need to think of something that is short and it directly touches your connection. You can think of something as personal and customized as replying back to your message quickly and then thank them in a message particularly mentioning this trait of theirs. Moreover it is also helpful if you give a thank you note with hope. Creating anticipation while thanking has always had a positive impact no matter what kind of conversation it is. Saying thank you with hope also highlights your earnestness towards the meeting, conversation or project.

Meeting Request

Personalization is the key even when it is about professional meetings and corporate goals. Until your meeting request does not reach and connect with an individual personally, they may never be interested. When you are writing a LinkedIn message, it is advised that you warm it up a bit. Try to be more personalized to the individual beyond their name and company. You need to show that you earnestly care about their business success and you have a lucrative offer to make. If you are messaging company pages on LinkedIn, make sure you research about them thoroughly to know what their workflow looks like and what are the kind of solutions they are seeking.

When you are proposing a business solution and a meeting to propose it, do not sound robotic. It is always a good idea to start your conversation with something in common. You can always start your conversation messages like ‘We met at this Webinar’ or ‘I noticed you are connected with my former Boss’, etc. Oftentimes icebreaker scenarios like these become the perfectly easy starting point of a difficult conversation.

We want our readers to auto connect to people on LinkedIn, hence we want them to write the best LinkedIn personalized messages. LiProspect is a LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to send all kinds of personalized messages discussed above for you to be successful with your LinkedIn outreach.

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