Best Scheduling Tips on LinkedIn

12 Sep 2022  •   3 minutes read

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LinkedIn Scheduling Tips

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. It allows you to connect with other professionals in your industry and share content that you find relevant to your profession. LinkedIn also has a feature called ‘Publishing’. Publishing allows you to schedule posts, so they go out at the time and date of your choosing. LinkedIn Publishing is a way for professionals to share their thoughts, ideas, and expertise with others in their field. It is an easy way to stay up-to-date on trends in the professional world while staying connected with other people who share the same interests.

Scheduling posts on LinkedIn has a specific science to it. Following are some of the significant strategies to keep in mind while planning LinkedIn posts for your business or startup.


  • Post Once a Day

The more you post on social media, the more you increase your chances of impressions but posting once a day is the recommended frequency for LinkedIn. 20 posts per month will allow you to reach 60% of your  audience. This means post once each weekday on average. Posting more than one post per weekday may not necessarily bring you extra impressions so consistency is the key across all social media channels.


  • Post on Weekdays Only

LinkedIn is not totally like Twitter or Facebook because its primary purpose is not social communication. People use LinkedIn to build professional relationships and market their professional achievements. This all proves that people use LinkedIn during weekdays only when they are at work. Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to post on LinkedIn. Sunday is the worst day to post as it has the lowest engagement.


  • Post in the Morning

Your post will have maximum chances of visibility when your audience is online. Most people are using LinkedIn at work so the best time to post is during the working hours. According to LinkedIn’s own research survey, the highest engagement rate is for the updates at the morning time. This research result aligns with the morning routine of most business professionals. Most business professionals come to work, make coffee, exchange greetings, go to their work stations and check emails and finally scroll through social media.

Optimal posting time for most brands is around 8:15 AM. The second engagement increase on LinkedIn is around lunch hours. This seems possible too since it is during the lunch breaks people get free time to scroll through social media. End of the day is the least favorable time to post because people are winding up home and rushing to home or other personal commitments. Keep in mind the different time zones while adjusting your posting time as per your LinkedIn audience so that everyone in your network sees everything.


  • Use LinkedIn Analytics

The times suggested for the postings are just mere suggestions that are based on maximum probability chances of success but of course nothing is ideal. Executives generally have long and busy days till 5:00 PM. During this time they are still catching up on emails and other matters at hand. Hence, they have time for social media only when they are home.

In order to find the sweet spot for your audience, do post performance analysis. LinkedIn’s built-in analytics can tell you which posts have been most effective. You can sort your posts by impressions, engagement rates or interaction. Also, have a look at the trends in post types or posting times. Keep record of your posting times since LinkedIn analytics only show the post date.


  • Use an Integrated Social Media Strategy

LinkedIn generally is not the only social media platform you are using to promote your business digitally. In order to make the most of your ROI and resources, assume LinkedIn to be just one single part of a larger puzzle and Build your LinkedIn automation strategy. Make sure that you are optimizing your posts across all platforms. Data from several different platforms can often make you confused. LiProspect can help you sort your LinkedIn data for you so that you do not have much confusion while posting. LiProspect is an AI-based LinkedIn automation tool that can help you grow your social media network.


  • Find the Best LinkedIn Automation Tool

LiProspect is an AI-powered sales prospecting tool. It helps sales professionals find, engage, and close more deals by leveraging AI to do the heavy lifting. Log onto to get enough information on what the product does and how it works.

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