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Can I Schedule Posts On LinkedIn Without Tools? 2021

Why Schedule Your LinkedIn Posts?

Schedule Posts On LinkedIn

In order to remain active on any social network, you have to be posting content on a daily basis. But it’s not easy for most people, businesses, and companies can afford to hire a social media manager to handle all posting tasks, but as an individual who’s running a personal account on LinkedIn or any other social network, it might be difficult to dedicate the time for posting every single day.

In some cases, you might need to post multiple times if you’re looking for engagement. Even though posting content doesn’t require spending much time, the problem is that you’re out there working or running your business offline and dealing with people which makes it difficult to even remember updating your LinkedIn feed.

The best solution you’re now left with is to schedule your posts, if you can find a way to schedule your posts one week or even a month ahead, you’ll definitely save a lot of time.

You just need to write and organize your posts and schedule the postings in one sitting and everything will be taken care of on autopilot. In this post, we’ll look at the possibilities of scheduling posts on LinkedIn and some of the tools you can utilize to simplify the process.


Why Schedule Your LinkedIn Posts?

Save Time

This is the number reason why you want to consider scheduling posts on LinkedIn and I believe every business and individual is doing it for this reason. Imagine if you can schedule your posts weeks or months ahead, how much time do you think you’re going to save?

During this time, you don’t need to bother carrying your laptop for the sole purpose of updating your LinkedIn posts! You’ll save a great deal of time doing tasks that are important aspects of your life without getting distracted.


Avoid Multitasking

Even if you’re available online with your laptop and you want to keep updating your LinkedIn feed every few hours, you’ll end up multitasking and we all know how ineffective it is. When you schedule your LinkedIn posts, you’ll be able to concentrate on one single task.

Focus is really important in running your business or doing a job, you don’t want to end up doing multiple tasks that have been proven to cause overwhelming and stress. You want to avoid that at all costs in order to protect your health.


Save Money

Instead of hiring someone to handle your LinkedIn posts which will cause money, you can schedule the posts for free without paying anyone. Even if you’re hiring a part-time freelancer, it will cost decent money that makes a difference in running your business.

A lot of free tools are available for scheduling posts on LinkedIn, there are paid ones though, but even if you decide to use a paid tool, you’ll pay only once, or the ones that work on a monthly subscription only cost a few dollars. It’s still better to pay some pennies than hire a full-time or a part-time worker to do the task.


Post on time

When you schedule your LinkedIn posts, they’ll be posted exactly at the time that is scheduled. But if you’re to add the posts manually, you’ll end up missing the time and you already know that there are posting times that have proved to yield more results than any other time of the day. If you schedule at these times, there will be no missing provided the service or tool you’re using is working properly.


 Drive more engagement

Once you’re posting consistently on LinkedIn and at the same time every single day, you’ll find that your engagement will increase. LinkedIn is about engagement, the more your connections are engaging with you, the more your profile will rank higher in LinkedIn search.

Some users will notice your posting schedules and then watch out for the new content you publish. As mentioned, it’s not always easy to stick to posting at regular intervals, scheduling allows you to post consistently so that more users can engage with your content.

These are some of the major benefits you enjoy when you schedule posts on LinkedIn, let’s now take a look at the possibilities of scheduling posts on LinkedIn.


Can You Post On LinkedIn Without Using Any Tool?

As of the time of writing this post, LinkedIn doesn’t have the option to schedule posts on their platform, you have to use third-party tools or services in order to schedule your posts on LinkedIn.

You don’t necessarily have to invest in any tool, there are lots of free options and we’ll mention some of them, plus other powerful paid tools that will not only schedule your posts but also help you in building and promoting your LinkedIn campaigns effectively.

Not having the scheduling feature is one of the downsides of using LinkedIn because other social networks like Facebook support have the scheduling feature which can be used from your account dashboard.

How To Schedule LinkedIn Posts For Free


Using OneUp Scheduling Tool

OneUp is a great tool you want to use for free in order to schedule your LinkedIn posts, it supports posting on both personal and company pages.

The tool has some paid options but with the free plan, you’re able to schedule your posts with ease, and other social media sites are supported besides LinkedIn. Here are the steps to schedule your LinkedIn posts using OneUp;

That’s it, you have now scheduled and published your post for free with OneUp. One thing however that’s not mentioned is that; OneUp doesn’t offer a lifetime free plan when you sign up.

You’re first offered a 7-day free trial and later on, when you have active schedules, you can contact support to make your account free forever. The free plan however only supports connecting one LinkedIn account, you have to upgrade if you want to schedule posts on multiple accounts.


How To Auto Publish Your WordPress Posts To LinkedIn

Some LinkedIn users want to save time and auto-publish their blog posts directly to LinkedIn and I believe it’s a good move because they don’t need to spend time creating content for LinkedIn and they can do it on autopilot.

This method involves using WordPress and IFTTT, if you have been in online marketing for a while, you probably know what IFTTT is all about. It’s a service that allows connecting online accounts so that they can run on Autopilot. Let’s share the steps;


Should I Post On Personal Or Company Profile?

First of all, LinkedIn scheduling tools will allow you to post on any profile, whether it’s a personal or a company profile. it’s up to you to decide on the profile you want to post. LinkedIn scheduling tools allow connecting multiple accounts and when scheduling the posts, you can choose any profile easily.

Company profiles and personal profiles don’t have many differences between them, here are the differences between them;

These are the major differences, it’s up to you to decide the profile to post on. We however suggest that you choose the profile that receives the most engagement, that’s the profile with the highest number of connections or followers.


What Should I Post On LinkedIn?

Scheduling your posts on LinkedIn alone won’t cause engagement right away, you have to post the right content. You just want to make sure that the content is of high quality and it’s within your niche so that you can attract the right audience.

You need to follow a few guidelines though that will ensure you’re reaching more users with your posts, here are a few of them;

These are some of the things to keep in mind when posting on LinkedIn, this will ensure that your posts receive the most engagement. You want to make sure that you’re posting trending content, it is the only way your posts will go viral. There are rules to follow also if you want your LinkedIn posts to go viral, we’ll share some tips that will help you stand a chance of going viral.


How To Make Your LinkedIn Posts Go Viral

These are some of the tips you need to follow in order to make your LinkedIn posts go viral on Instagram.


How Often Should You Post On LinkedIn?

We can’t actually specify the number of times you need to post on LinkedIn, but you have to post at least once a day. If you have a massive following especially for companies, you should post twice or more every single day.

You have to be consistent and post at the right time as previously mentioned. If you cannot dedicate yourself to posting daily on LinkedIn, you need to take advantage of Scheduling which we previously talked about, or you should hire someone to handle it for you. We however suggest scheduling your posts in batch, you can do it for weeks or a month in advance.

That’s it on scheduling posts on LinkedIn and by now your question on “Can I schedule posts on LinkedIn without tools” has been answered, you need to seek the help of LinkedIn tools if you want to schedule your posts.

The good part is there are lots of free options available but might come with limitations, if you’re looking for advanced features you need to invest in some of the paid tools that are available.

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