Dux-Soup: A Review of a Lead Generation Platform 2024


22 May 2021  •   10 minutes read

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Review of Dux-Soup

LinkedIn, a place that isn’t just home to a lot of connections in the world of business and anything innovative but also home to job opportunities.

Learning, connecting, and improving off one’s career/business with skills learned on the platform is one of the many opportunities LinkedIn provides.

As any incoming and already existing user knows and has come to find out, LinkedIn is a universe of its own with too many leads to sort through and eventually connect with. And the task can be a lot overwhelming and this could limit a potential user’s utilization of the platform.

Businesses have one aim; making a profit. And to achieve this goal, they would need clients who would buy their products and eventually because of the satisfaction clients would find in the products/services provided, become long-term clients.

Hence, the reason for the creation of software like Dux-soup that can not only meet but also help you connect with prospects that could potentially turn into buyers of your product.

And while Dux-soup is an amazing lead generation platform, others might give a user better value for their money, but this depends on what you’re looking for and what you feel would work best for you

This is where generating leads come in. Companies invest a lot of financial and other time and resources in lead generation and because of this, a sub-goal is made.

That being getting prospects to buy the products/services a company is selling. The accumulation of enough leads that turn into buyers would lead to the company making sales. And making sales means growth in the business. Which is the main goal.

So, let’s dive into the product of review; Dux-Soup and its features.

Why Do You Need Good Leads?

Good leads are the prospects/potentials that have shown interest in the product/service you are selling and are willing and able to make the purchase.

It is important to note that the type of leads a brand generates varies. Some leads are top tier and others are not and this could determine if a company is boosted or not.

Some top-tier prospects push a company forward by boosting sales. But although this is an obvious and more effective route to take, other brands may prefer the number of leads over the quality in generating leads.

Now, generating a good lead seems like an easy fit and it is depending on what tool you’re using to generate these leads and how you’re generating them. Some brands make use of tools like Social Media, Marketing tools, and even quality software to help them generate a good lead.

These tools refine the skills marketers already have. But a challenge remains, how to determine which leads are top quality and of them which is ready to make the purchase

Lead generation is the process of attracting potentials to the products and changing these potentials from just onlookers to a person who is the products/services you’re offering and who in the long run makes is willing and able to purchase what you’re offering

Not everyone is a lead. Because people are different and so are their needs and so it is advised to focus on marketing to those who need what you’re offering them.

Focusing on potentials who are looking for what you’re offering is what any brand looking to benefit from generating a good lead should do

So, why would a user need a good lead? Why not just stick to every and any lead you come across? A good lead would not only create awareness for your business but would also boost it thereby adding to the ROI of your business.

All in all a user only really gets benefits from the fast-tracked process that an efficient lead generator like dux-soup provides.

Ways to Generate Good Leads

There are several ways to generate a good lead that has proven effective and these include;

  • Networking
  • Social media marketing
  • seminars/webinars
  • Email marketing
  • Blogs
  • Website landing pages and so on.

It is important to note that every brand is different and the understanding of this distinction will save a company time and effort. Simply put, the lead generation tool that would work for a company that sells online-based products might not work for a company that sells groceries or clothes.

Focusing on your target audience using the right tools for lead generation can guarantee that a company is perfectly matched with the right clients.

Some benefits of lead generation include;

Focusing on the Right Clients

With lead generation software like dux-soup, a user can be guaranteed complete focus on the gaol. The client need only worry about how closing deals and forming long-term relationships with quality leads. Dux-soup only focuses on quality leads that have an interest in your business, but most importantly; what it has to offer. Because only the right clients would boost your business

Increasing Awareness

A user can With dux-soup, the knowledge of a user’s business is broadcasted to the right leads. The more quality leads who are focused on what your business offers as a solution to their problem, the popular your business gets. The idea of your business reaching the right ears is what dux-soup brings to life.

Provides the Opportunity to Attain Valuable Potential Details

Saving information about a prospect is necessary. Dux soup provides a platform for its user to save valuable potential details straight to its account and because of its unique search and navigation features, finding the already stored data becomes easy and quick.


Dux soup is made especially for you to be with you through your business boost season. And even after your boost is in effect, dux soup will support a user’s process and growth.

And although all of the above work well as lead generation tools one of the best ways to easily generate quality is by using an automated lead generation system that effectively saves you time that a brand could use to improve on their business and close deals with good leads.

LinkedIn is one of those platforms that have readily available prospects that would be very interested in your product and would even go the long mile to see that your product is purchased.

But these quality leads are mixed in with the people whose needs your product doesn’t satisfy and it’s sifting through this crowd that becomes the problem lead automation solves.

Generating a good lead from LinkedIn is not difficult but it can be when it is being effectively done.

What Dux-Soup and What It Can Do for You?

Is a lead generation automated service platform that helps its clients generate good quality leads while they focus on growing/developing their business and closing deals with clients met with this system?

Dux-Soup provides a smarter way to generate new businesses through the LinkedIn channel. It provides easy ways to find, attract and engage with your potential.

They automatically go through the process of generating good leads for a user which automatically gives the user time to focus on other parts of the business.

Dux-Soup proposes that chasing prospects and coercing them to buy your product/service may turn out to bite your business in the back but rather building relationships with them would save your business’s reputation as well as guarantee you a good lead.

Dux-Soup claims to be able to shorten a user’s sales cycle, qualify leads better that would equate to higher conversion rates, make LinkedIn connections easily and faster, and top it up, boosts your LinkedIn profile with the addition of more endorsements.

Dux-Soup is like other automated lead generation platforms in the market. The features of this particular brand will tell individuals if this is the platform for them or not. It all depends on what you’re looking for that would fit your business.

Features of Dux-Soup

Automate LinkedIn Activity

Automating LinkedIn activity is one of the primary features that the Dux-soup provides. They automatically view a user’s LinkedIn profile, endorses their skills, follow up on the Linkedin activity, and sends personalized messages on behalf of the user.

From viewing individual profiles to endorsing their skills, which has proven to be tedious. dux-soup removes the entire process from the user’s hand and takes control of the initial connections with potential leads.

It also provides an automated feature. It’s called the drip campaign. With this, campaigns are sent to your prospects and once your prospect responds to the campaign, the drip campaign stops.

This shows your product campaign has been seen and interaction with a prospect has begun.

The dux-soup helps a user start that conversation, without the necessary active presence of the user. They also follow with automated messages.

Although this feature is amazing, I think a user could get better quality using a different more upgraded platform like LIprospect which while using a humanized automation algorithm guarantees the most reliable and efficient prospective platform on the market.

Cloud-Based Platform or Browser Extension LinkedIn

These are two varied ways to access a user’s Linkedin account. Dux-soup operates using a browser extension to access a user profile. And using a regular browser to access Linkedin would not trigger any flags or raise any alarms. And this is a standard system.

But if you require a platform that accesses your LinkedIn account and automates activity without running it from a regular browser then using a platform like the one LIProspect uses would be the best for you.

Advanced Research

Providing extensive research on potentials is a basic requirement for a lead generation platform. It allows for search through google, in LinkedIn business plus, it is even a wider search with automated pop-up suggestions. It also provides a search navigator. Some of their other features include;

  • Auto endorsing connections
  • Auto visiting LinkedIn profiles
  • Following profiles and placing tags
  • Follow up Inmails
  • Auto invite with personalized messages

Managing your Prospects

To manage prospects that later become conversions can be a task especially when the number of prospects keeps rising.

We already know that one of dux-soup’s primary features is automating connections with potential buyers for your product/service.

They even go as far as making the first connection and even doing more by continuing with follow-up messages to the first, second, and even third connection or even provide a long-term drip campaign if needed.

But do we know that these automated actions conducted on a users behalf by dux soup help boost the users’ account, thereby really putting the business out there to prospects who have most likely been looking for it and very much interested in what the business has to offer

The management of your account leads by dux soup leads to an increase in your quality leads. A User can use the tagging feature made available by dux soup. These tags are placed on the LinkedIn profiles of prospects making the process of following up the conversion can be very easy.

Plus you don’t have to start searching for the best lead to continue the conversation with. Dux soup arranges the prospects in the ‘most interested in your product’s order. They make sure that when it comes to managing prospects and viewing their accounts, making sure the user gets connected to the best leads that would equate sales.

Download Profile details

Downloading profile details is very important especially when working in teams, for easy review and reassessment of profile details of potential clients. This way members of the team while using can know what value or boost the lead would add to the growth of the business.

The details of these profiles can be uploaded to your CRM. It can also be downloaded in Xlsx and CSV files.

When downloading a quality lead’s details. Items like all their skills, complete education details, profile summary and full position. It gives you a broad and complete view of everything on the lead’s details

It doesn’t stop there with dux-soup, as email addresses are used for direct marketing campaigns through targeted Facebook ads.

Because of the availability of the “download of profile” of lead feature, a user can now share tags and notes with teammates, allowing them to know the history and context of each lead that qualifies.


A potential customer of a particular brand might have read and tested the product out and it suits the customer’s needs.

The only exception is the price tag. It is quite overwhelming and soon they start thinking the value for the product at that price isn’t worth it.

So, what is a good price that would give you your money’s worth?

Dux soup offers several service packages depending on what a user is looking for.

The packages under dux-soup are best fitted for all types of users.

If you’re just trying to get a light package or if you want a super boost to your lead generating efforts, dux-soup seems to have the right package for everyone.

The 7 days Free Trial: The Starter

Any new user looking to test out the services dux soup has to offer would definitely like this.

The 7 days free trial offers the whole package of what dux-soup has to offer the user.

If at the end of the seven days the user likes what it has used and what dux-soup can do for them. The user can then opt for a paid package. There are also Single-seat and multi-seat licenses as well as a Self-service license administrator.

Dux-soup also offers a professional package that goes for $11.25/mth and the Turbo package for that extra kick for $41.25/mth

An Alternative other than dux-sup?

Almost every product has a rival, an alternative that a user could pick should the initial product of interest isn’t favorable. Lead generation is not an exception to the rule.

An alternative automated lead generation tool that has proven to be as good as dux soup is LIProspect. Though in some areas of providing service and useability comfort, they might be ahead.

LIProspect has similar features with dux-soup such as providing follow-up messages and smart Inbox

LIProspect provides the service of follow-up messages to its targeted leads but unlike others, LIProspect provides a personalized messaging product.

This means that follow-up messages are personalized. It would be as if the user wrote itself. And most times, because of the way it is well crafted, it is thought to even be better.


Unlike the dux-soup packages, which happen to be quite affordable, LIProspect offers a little higher amount in price which is definitely worth the extra dollars.

LIProspect offers a professional package and an agency package. But that’s not all. For the first-timers who just wanna see if that price attached to the service packages it offers is real, there is a free trial option.

New/potential users of LIProspect get to try out what the packages offer and also see how wonderful LIProspect would be for their businesses.

The professional service package is tagged at $49/mth. The package contains

  • one account
  • connection for invites
  • automated follow-up sequence
  • free InMail messages
  • a smart Inbox
  • live Chat for immediate response and email support.
  • provides a quality powerful campaign manager
  • Imports the lists of targets
  • An advanced search system
  • Basic & sales nav support system
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting and CRM Integration (Zapier)
  • Provides Auto-sync to Google sheet

The agency package is tagged at $245/mth.

It includes;

  • The entirety of the professional account
  • Branding/Whitelabel
  • An account manager dedicated to the package.

For both packages, adding another account would cost $49 Per Account

Some other features include

Advanced Search.

You can search for more than millions of potential leads. The search comes with filters and these searches made would be imported to the users LIProspect that would be used for prospecting and automated outreach.

Cloud-Based System

The cloud-based system doesn’t need a user to install a browser extension or any extra software for the system to remain active. The cloud-based system doesn’t also need the user to be on the ground 24/7, it will still work effectively when the system is turned off, for 24/7.

Run Unlimited Campaigns

With LinkedIn, a user can run unlimited campaigns with its account. The user can also compare and contrast the result of every campaign and select the one that works best for its business.

Smart Inbox

When the responses from prospects start to glow in (as LIProspect will make sure they do), a user can manage all of these responses from a smart Inbox that is intuitive and packed with advanced functions an example of which is quick replies.

Reply Detection

Once a reply gets in, LIP automatically detects it and this immediately halts the drop sequence and allows for the regular follow-up that is manual. This enables the user to convert the leads.

There would be no need to look for new messages or worry about a message you had missed. Once a message comes in it pushes it to the top, so the user never has to miss a thing.

Blacklist Management

Accounts that a user no longer wants to interact with can easily be blacklisted. This means .that once the links to these profiles are pasted onto the blacklist manager. Lip would no longer interact with these profiles.


Dux soup is an affordable all-around unique and user-focused platform. It aims to get the user’s business to the right clients. Those clients would give the business the much-needed boost it needs.

Whether your business is just starting or it is well developed and thriving, dux soup will serve you the best plate of the perfect meal for your business

And if you’re looking for a step up with a bit more flair, with just a few extra dollars using a platform like LIProspect will guarantee the user a significant improvement.

Any of these lead generation platforms would assist a user greatly to achieve its goal and so, a user may choose whatever platform it wishes to use, it all depends on what it wants and what is best for its business.

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