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25 May 2021  •   11 minutes read

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Expandi.io Review

LinkedIn needs no introduction in the digital marketing world, you’re either on LinkedIn to generate leads or secure a good job. Businesses are on the platform to promote their brand which will help them attract more leads, and for individuals, they want to establish connections that will help them improve their career or find a job.

A lot of commitment is required in order to achieve your desired goals on LinkedIn, you have to dedicate more time interacting with users and their content. Not all of us have the time to stay all day engaging with users or monitoring our LinkedIn profile performance, we need to take advantage of tools that will simplify our tasks on LinkedIn.

Companies can afford to hire full-time employees to take care of the LinkedIn campaigns, but as an individual, you may not have that privilege.

You need to find an effective tool that will cut the hours for you, imagine spending 5 hours a day monitoring your LinkedIn account while you can find a LinkedIn tool that will cut the hours to 1 or 2 at max. Getting the right LinkedIn tool isn’t easy because for the past 2 years LinkedIn has improved its algorithm in a way that it’s very difficult to use any kind of automation.

In this article, however, we’re going to talk about two important LinkedIn tools that help your LinkedIn campaigns tremendously and at the same time without putting your account at risk, plus we’ll share important info regarding the use of LinkedIn tools and automation in general.


 Advantages of Using LinkedIn Tools and Automation


A lot of people out there are against the use of tools and automation on LinkedIn, it all boils down to the type of tools you’re using and how you’re using such tools, even the best tool out there when used the wrong way will place your LinkedIn account at risk.

Using LinkedIn tools comes with a lot of benefits and we’ll share some of them, there are downsides also and we’ll mention them as well.


Save Time and Resources

Engaging and maintaining relationships with LinkedIn users is not easy and you cannot succeed on LinkedIn without these important components. You have to put a lot of time into maintaining and engaging with your connections if you want to stay relevant on the platform.

LinkedIn tools will help you engage with other users without spending much time or resources, you’ll save a lot of your valuable time and resources provided you know how to use these tools the right way.

LinkedIn tools will help you initiate conversions on complete autopilot, this way you can focus on replying manually to users that respond to your messages.


Build Your Network

LinkedIn is all about building connections, they won’t come to you easily, you have to send connection requests or create content that will attract more people to your network. LinkedIn automation will help you establish the connection you desire to have.

You can set these tools to send out connection requests on autopilot and at a regular interval in a way that your LinkedIn account isn’t affected. You can use these tools and leverage the power of your content to attract more connections or followers to your profile with ease and without the need to spend extra time managing your LinkedIn account.


Save Costs

If you’re considering someone to manage your LinkedIn account and you can’t afford to do so, you can definitely take advantage of LinkedIn tools since they don’t cost much, most LinkedIn users can afford to buy the right tools that will ease their day.

You should however note that if you can afford to hire someone to manage your LinkedIn campaigns even if it’s part-time, it’s better to do so than using tools. Putting a human being with experience is way better as long as they know what they’re doing.


Increase Engagement

You can put a tool to work for you 24 hours and without exceeding the limitations. There are lots of auto-reply tools out there that can engage with some of your prospects which is hard for you.

You can only dedicate a few hours every day to your LinkedIn account which isn’t enough especially if you have significant connections or followers on your company profiles.

LinkedIn tools can be used to send auto direct messages, comments and you can also schedule your comments. All these actions will help increase engagement on your LinkedIn profile without any extra effort from your side.


Advanced Search

The LinkedIn inbuilt search has lots of limitations, it won’t allow you to refine your searches based on your needs. Most LinkedIn tools have better search than the LinkedIn search itself, if your project demands searching for a lot of data, you need to use some of the available tools available to extract all the data you need.

These are the major benefits of using the right LinkedIn tools in your campaigns, let’s take a look at some of the downsides also.


Disadvantages Of LinkedIn Tools

You Can Easily Lose Your LinkedIn Account

A lot of LinkedIn users have lost their accounts as a result of using automation and probably because they choose the wrong tool or they abuse the usage. The secret to using the LinkedIn tool is using them the right way, most of the complaints you see online regarding LinkedIn tools is because they don’t know how to use such tools.


It’s Difficult to Find a Good Tool

With dozens if not hundreds of LinkedIn tools out there, it’s difficult to find the right one, you have to test many of them before you finally find the right one that will work for you, and in doing so you might lose your LinkedIn account as previously discussed.


LinkedIn can Easily Detect Automation Tools

For the past couple of years, LinkedIn has made it difficult for developers to design the right tools that work on the platform.

Even though you have done your best to find the right tool or automation services that work the best, it’s easier to get detected especially when you’re sending massive actions and requests from your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn keeps an eye on everything, they’re monitoring even profile views and once you’re caught, they’ll flag your LinkedIn profile which could lead to account suspension or termination.

These are the downsides, but you can see that the benefits outweigh the cons, and one thing we must say is that it all comes down to how you’re using these tools, it will determine whether you’ll succeed or not in your campaigns when using such tools.

Let’s now go ahead and review Expandi.io, and LiProspect which is its best alternative.


Expandi.io Review

What Is Expandi And How Does It Work?

Expandi is an automation tool that simplifies lead generation on LinkedIn, with the help of this powerful tool you can put your lead generation on autopilot. Expandi supports multiple campaigns and you can choose your target audience so that you can generate targeted leads that will convert well with whatever it is that you’re selling.

Expandi automation tool has the ability to send personalized automated messages from your account, you can take over the conversation when a response is received from any user. The dashboard is easy to work with by allowing you to manage multiple campaigns and so on.

All your generated leads can be exported into a CSV file which you can integrate into your CRM software with ease. You can schedule your campaigns as well to save time in the feature.

Overall, we can say that Expandi is designed to improve your LinkedIn outreach and also make it safer. The goal is to help you reach your targeted audience and that too without investing much out of your hard-earned money. Let’s take a look at the features in brief.


Unlimited Campaigns

There are no restrictions on the number of campaigns you can manage, this will give you the freedom to set up multiple campaigns for each and every one of your projects. You don’t need to worry when running projects from different accounts or if you have client projects to manage, Expandi will take care of it all.


Unlimited Automated Sequences

Your message sequences on LinkedIn will play an important role when it comes to your lead generation and building your network in general. This is the hardest part because it requires spending a lot of time sending these messages.

Most of them will not be read and this will discourage you from sending more, but by utilizing Expandi, you can set up all your message sequences on autopilot, all you have to do is concentrate on the replies you receive, and then you can respond to them manually.


Schedule your Campaigns in Advance

If you don’t have the time to commit to posting on your profile every single day, have no worries because you can use Expandi to schedule your posts days or even weeks in advance.

You don’t have to miss updating your LinkedIn profile, just prepare your content and sequence message and they’ll be sent at the scheduled time. Scheduling is a big-time saver for anyone that finds themselves busy working on other projects that don’t need a distraction.


Reply Detection

This feature is important when setting up automated sequences, you want to make sure that you pause your sequences on users that replied to your message, if you keep sending the messages you’ll be perceived as spam and some LinkedIn users can report your profile once they realize that you’re sending automated messages.

The least that will happen is that you’ll lose your reputation and you’ll lose that connection as well. Expandi has auto-reply detection that enables it to pause sending sequences when any user replies to your message. It’s best to take over the conversation once a user replied to your message because you want to make it more personalized for them.


Target Imported Lists

If you have a list of leads, you can import them and target them for your lead generation campaign. If you have previously saved some leads or you want to transfer them from another account, you should then import them into your Expandi dashboard and keep targeting your list.

In-app LinkedIn chat

You can chat right inside the Expandi app, and it’s safe to do so, reply to your LinkedIn messages right from the app without the need to launch in the browser or the LinkedIn app itself.


Resume Sequence

You can pause and resume your sequences without the need to start all over again. If it happens that you lost your network connection or for some reason, you want to stop the sequence to protect your LinkedIn account, you can always resume later with the same sequence.


Target Recruiter Lite Search Results

If you’re looking for a job on LinkedIn, you definitely want to target recruiters and companies that are hiring. Instead of spending all day long reaching out to them, you can use Expandi to target recruiter lite search on autopilot.


Target Based on Post Engagement

Engagement is everything on social networks including LinkedIn, you want to make sure you’re targeting active users that have engaged with multiple posts within a short period of time. This shows that they’re active on the platform and they’re the ones that will make a difference in your LinkedIn connection and company profile as well.


Analytics Dashboard

Expandi isn’t complete without showing you campaign statistics, only then you’re able to improve your campaigns. With Expandi you can track all your campaigns and view their performance; you should identify the best performing campaigns and duplicate the same results on other campaigns that aren’t performing well. You can also run A/b testing which allows you to test different campaigns and then choose the best-performing ones.


API and Zapier Integration

If you want to generate API for use on third-party applications, you can as well do that with Expandi. They make it seamlessly easier to integrate on Zapier, You have clear instructions on how to set up this integration.


Get Personal Support

Expandi Dashboard can be explored and used by the average internet user, there are instructions on how the features work, but if you need any assistance, you’ll receive all the support you need. Contact their support whenever you have a problem running the app.

These are the major features of the Expandi LinkedIn app, there are still more features, you should visit the official website to learn more about how the tool works. Overall, we can say that it’s a nice tool that can simplify your LinkedIn promotion tasks.


Best Expandi.Io Alternative: Liprospect.Com

LiProspect Review

If you want to put your Lead generation system on autopilot, LiProspect is your best option, it’s way better and safe to use than most LinkedIn tools out there. Every important feature that’s needed on LinkedIn automation tools can be found on this powerful app and that’s why we recommended LiProspect.com as the best LinkedIn automation tool for your campaigns.

This is a powerful cloud-based app that will take care of everything for you, no installation or dealing with updates and app settings, once you sign up with their free trial, you can start promoting your LinkedIn campaigns right away. Let’s uncover LiProspect.com features;


100% Safety

This is one of the unique features that make the tool stand out from the crowd, every LinkedIn tool or automation service out there will boast about generating leads and promoting your campaigns. Along the way, however, you’ll end up losing your account. we’ve already mentioned that the LinkedIn algorithm is getting smarter due to improvements in AI, and LinkedIn hates nothing more than using automation on their platform.

LiProspect is the safest tool you can use when it comes to managing your LinkedIn account. All your actions and tasks will be run on the cloud, and they’ll be executed just like a human will log into their LinkedIn account and execute such actions, making it impossible for LinkedIn to flag your account as using automation.

If safety is your concern, we definitely recommend using this tool, you have nothing to lose because you are backed up by their free trial for all the plans available.


Send Personalized Sequences

You have to follow up with messages if you want to grow your LinkedIn profile and your connections in general, and you already know how time-consuming it is to keep on sending messages one-by-one.

You need a system that will send the message sequences on autopilot and at the same time without placing your LinkedIn account at risk. LiProspect is designed to send a personalized follow-up message to your target prospects with ease.


Advanced Search

Before you set up your LinkedIn promotion campaigns, you want to make sure you’re targeting the right prospects or audience, and using the inbuilt LinkedIn search doesn’t really help much. You want to refine your searches in a way that you can only export the ones that are relevant to your campaigns.

The LiProspect advanced search has all you need when it comes to searching on LinkedIn, you’re able to search millions of prospects and then export the data to your device which can be later imported to your campaigns to target such users.


No Installation Required

Most of the LinkedIn tools out there that require Installation will end up flagging your account which eventually leads to termination or suspension. LiProspect app is hosted on the cloud, you don’t need to worry about updates or running into app problems.

Even if a problem is detected, they’ll fix it from their side. This is why LiProspect is the safest tool you can use to manage your LinkedIn account, you’ll be able to start using their service right after signup and they offer a free trial for all the plans available.


Auto-reply Detection

Once you begin sending your follow-up sequences, you want to stop sending your follow-up messages when users reply to any message sent to them.

LiProspect has an auto-reply detection feature that ensures that new replies are detected and hence no follow-up sequences will be sent to the user again. You can then send a personalized manual reply to convert the prospect into a customer and so on.


Setup Auto Actions

With LiProspect, you can set up various actions on autopilot, you’re able to send connection requests on autopilot which will help increase your network. Provided your profile looks professional, you’ll start increasing your connections after using this feature.

LinkedIn data shows that 60% of users will visit your profile before accepting your connection request. LiProspect also allows viewing profiles which can also increase your connection since most users keep an eye on who visits their profile. you’ll end up receiving connection requests by viewing profiles with this tool.


Campaign Insight

You’re able to track all your campaigns, there is also A/B testing to allow you to test multiple campaign performance so that you can come up with the best strategies to implement on other campaigns as well.


Unlimited Campaigns

There is no limit to the number of campaigns you can run with LiProspect, run multiple campaigns so that you can analyze the best-performing ones and duplicate their results.


Multiple Account Support

If you’re managing multiple LinkedIn accounts especially for your clients, you won’t have any barrier when using LiProspect because you can add as many accounts as you want.

These are just some of the features you’ll find on LiProspect.com, you’ll find more details when you visit the official website. You have the freedom to test all the features that come with this tool since they offer a 7-day free trial before you choose one of the paid options that are available.


Expandi.io Vs LiProspect.com

If you’re looking for an advanced LinkedIn promotion tool, we suggest you go with LiProspect, its features are better than Expandi.io and even other LinkedIn lead generation tools out there. It’s one of the safest tools you can use on LinkedIn and we believe every penny invested is worth it.

Let’s hear your experience in the comments regarding the use of any of the tools we’ve discussed in this article or if you have helpful tips to share on using LinkedIn tools and automation, don’t hesitate to share them.


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