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Increase Revenue for Your Business with LinkedIn Automation

With the digital transformation through technology and social media, agencies have higher chances of generating revenue. Marketing services today are all about full end-to-end lead generation/sales solutions that result in either leads being fed directly into a customer’s CRM system for their sales team to convert or a direct sale that yields instant revenue for the customer in more transactional businesses. More and more businesses today are moving towards outsourcing their entire sales and marketing functions to agencies that  demonstrate expertise in technology and strategize lead generation.

Agency success is not only defined by the ability to use the latest technology to drive client results but to drive down internal costs that can be passed on. B2B business owners can achieve this with LinkedIn. LinkedIn has 830 million users globally and it provides users with instant access to a database of B2B prospects. LinkedIn automation tools such as LiProspect provide the ability to automate manual, repetitive tasks. This way data can be taken from a source, at scale, creating huge process efficiencies and reduced time to the market.

So many businesses that promote the services and capabilities on LinkedIn do not still understand how to harness the full potential of LinkedIn and the power of the audience. So many of these businesses are still scratching only the surface of LinkedIn’s potential. Moreover, there is also a lack of understanding regarding usage of automation, its cost and its safety. LiProspect is a platform that provides real-time, predictive, and personalized content to its customers. This LinkedIn automation tool can be integrated with any CMS and is available for mobile devices. Its goal is to help its customers stay ahead of the competition by providing them with relevant content.

As agencies, we are always in competition with one another. By mastering lead generation on LinkedIn, there are chances to create innovative ways to promote a business with an approach that is very different from others. To generate revenue with LinkedIn automation, you firstly need to define your LinkedIn outreach strategy. Who are the prospects you want to target? How to find the targeted prospects? What is the end goal you are planning to achieve? These are some of the questions to start with. Secondly you should select a LinkedIn automation tool and there is none better than the LiProspect.

LiProspect automation offers:

Lastly, when you have identified your outreach strategy and bought LiProspect, you should enter the process of testing. Even with an automation tool, as a business owner, you should be spending time thinking through your approach and ensuring that your strategy is tested adequately. You can always test with multiple headers and content, variable message sequences, etc. This way you can analyze which approach generates the right results. After finding the right approach, you can plan for prospecting towards a higher audience.

Following are the basic steps to find the right approach with LinkedIn automation:

Once you have identified the winning formula, revenue streams open for your business instantly!

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