How Skill Sets Matter on Today’s LinkedIn?

14 Sep 2022  •   2 minutes read

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Skill Sets on LinkedIn

Along with its partners, IBM, Meta, Microsoft and Oracle, LinkedIn announced the third-party certification initiative. This was done to enable LinkedIn’s members to groom their skills from the credible companies and display their achievements on their profiles and its partners to integrate their certification assessment engines into Linked Learning. This will make them be a part of the professional network’s 850 million-plus members and extend the audience for their offerings.

Everybody has a different skill set. This is especially true for the people who are looking for jobs or are in the process of looking for a job. LinkedIn is one of the best places to find out if there is a match between your skill set and the job description you are interested in. It also lets you know what skillsets employers are looking for and how much it pays to have those skill sets. LinkedIn acquired EduBrite in June. It was a platform that assisted companies in creating and hosting professional certifications and assessments.

After this, LinkedIn enabled its members to associate the listed skills on their profile to their jobs, education or certifications they have earned. Through this integration of the certificate assessment engine into LinkedIn Learning, more certification providers will be able to create, promote and extend the reach of their content. This way, LinkedIn members will have a chance to build even more in-demand skills and showcase their abilities to networks and recruiters.

As a result of this partnership, millions of LinkedIn users will discover Oracle Cloud certifications and maximize their cloud skills with role-based learning paths. LinkedIn is continuously trying to empower more learners with expert-led digital training. LinkedIn members can now receive notifications when relevant jobs are posted by people in their first-degree or second-degree network. Some members of the company’s recruiting team will be included in the job descriptions so that members can reach out to them to learn more about the job role.

LinkedIn continuously compares the current top skills of professionals with past skills to analyze whether their learning sphere has grown or not. It also tries to predict the likely courses  members may want to do in future based on their current skill set. LinkedIn has offered multiple online courses and virtual events for September 2022 so that its members learn without spending too much money. If you are looking to build a successful career through LinkedIn, you should make sure that your skills are updated on LinkedIn.

Skills change over the course of a career but a willing-to-learn mindset should remain constant. In order to make sure that you remain marketable, you need to be one step ahead. LiProspect is your way to stay one step ahead when it comes to networking on LinkedIn. Customer service, sales, accounting, business development and marketing have been the top-rated LinkedIn skills according to the jobs posted in the last quarter. With LinkedIn’s free certification course in these skills and LiProspect as LinkedIn network booster, you can surely stay ahead in being searched by recruiters and credible companies.

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