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Benefits of Linkedin

LinkedIn Viewer History

LinkedIn is a corporation that works as a social networking service. It is a platform for networking and job searching by businesses, brands, employers, and potential employees. It operates via websites and mobile apps.

It allows for professional networking and allows job seekers to post it has created a platform for professional networking that serves as a home base for job seekers where they post their CVs and also for employers to post jobs. Its services are worldwide and are owned by Microsoft.

And because of its popularity and success rate in providing opportunities for a job seeker to meet with prospective employers as well as provide courses to further learn more, users are constantly searching for the best course to take or the latest job opportunity to apply to or just what was posted on the blog of a brand/business. Sometimes users decide to save their browser history and other times, they want to clear the history, and clearing the history can be simple.

A user needs only to locate the search bar at the top of the page and select the clear button at the right of the recent search. A pop-up confirmation box should appear, select clear and the browsed history would be gone.


Benefits of Linkedin

The benefits range from making available a platform purposefully built to help businesses big and small boost their enterprise, to providing a market where those who need jobs are met with employers who need employees. The benefits of using LinkedIn are;

Find New Job Opportunities

LinkedIn is a platform that allows those looking for a job and those looking for employees to meet.

So, on this platform, a lot of jobs are applied for and if the applicant is qualified, they will get the job.


The platform automatically makes searching for a job a lot less stressful and for those looking for a particular type of person, the company can easily narrow their search as well as easy access all the applicants’ portfolios without any added links

About companies of Specific Interest

Most users have specific companies and brands that appeal to them. Places they’d like work, companies they want contracts with or just to have a collaboration with.

And with LinkedIn viewing these companies, what they have done, their mission, and direction. All these and more is laid bare on LinkedIn


Promote their Qualifications

Having skills and certificates is no longer just enough. A person can have these listed out, carefully arranged on your CV sheet but how do potential employers easily get access?

How do they know you’re the solution they need to their business’s problem.

LinkedIn’s platform enables your qualifications to be upfront. Immediately a person visits your profile, they are welcomed by your qualifications as well as links to companies you’ve worked in and the school(s) you’ve attended.

So, in essence, LinkedIn shows all that you can bring to the table without having to stress both parties.


Connects with Colleagues and Other Professionals

Not only does LinkedIn help to display your resume for easy viewing but it also sends suggestions based on the industry you choose and the company you work with and would like to work for to connect with.

It broadens your reach when it comes to connecting with individuals and brands that would help your career and/or business as well as links one up with colleagues in their field or a field the user is interested in.


Get Connected

LinkedIn is a networking-based site. It was why it was created. Networking, especially for a business/company, is very crucial. It’s not just posting content for your business, a user or business has to form interactions that are worthwhile. Make connections with people and their brands that would at the end of the day give your business a boost that would take it forward on its mission.

To further help in searching for people/companies in your industry of focus, LinkedIn provides a very good search feature that ultimately works in the users’ favor.

To best help, your business moves forward, ensure that the connections made are not just for numbers but to add value to your career or business. It shouldn’t just be for collecting numbers of followers but instead, use it to your advantage and engage these connections using good strategy and make sure when you get linked with your target audience/customers and influencers in that industry, a relationship is built.


Build Trust for your Business

LinkedIn is a hub for a whole lot of brands, companies, and businesses that are associated or are members of various groups on LinkedIn. Joining a group that is focused on the topics that are important to your industry. A user will join the conversations that are ongoing and value in form of your insights on the topic of discussion.

In the end, your brand would gain recognition and eventually become an authority in that profession/area. Once you’ve engaged in the discussion long enough to become a regular voice, starting up conversations with topics you picked out for the group to discuss and share their opinions would be advised.

Also, posting a relevant write-up/article that shows an insight into something in relation to your industry. This article will be read and its value absorbed and it can further lead to more discussion which only gives your brand more relevance in its circle. It isn’t an avenue to advertise your brand and what you’re selling.

It is an opportunity to give meaningful insights into whatever topic is being discussed or otherwise. Eventually, they would ask about products/services.


Making your Brand an Authority

Basically, whatever you’re doing in relation to your industry should be shared on LinkedIn. It will help boost your presence. A brand/business can even create a group where the audience and others in your industry can get information from as well as read your insights on certain and any issues.

A great way to get readers back to your brand is to have links in the article that is being read that would redirect them to your website. Even employees can be encouraged to share content so that the information is just coming from one source.

Another avenue to explore is the video strengths of LinkedIn. LinkedIn has provided the video-sharing feature that enables brands to share video content on their LinkedIn page. It helps show a more soft and human side of the brand. And this makes the company stand out.


Sharing and Receive Significant News

LinkedIn is business and job oriented not just because of what the platform is oriented but also because of the amount of information that comes through the platform

News and in-the-minute happenings are uploaded to the site as soon as it’s happening. News about company restructuring, developments, and so on can easily be gotten from LinkedIn.


Features of LinkedIn Platform

The features on the LinkedIn platform are there to enable the easy use of the platform to its users and also to make their lives while using LinkedIn easier.

From saving time and maintaining the user’s privacy to expanding the user’s network and driving the user’s brand/business goals, LinkedIn has got everything a user would need to reach their goal and get the best results. Here are some of the features LinkedIn offers;’


Hiding your Connections

LinkedIn allows users to hide their connections from other users. A user is in full control of how private and opens its connections are or will be, visible or not.

In a user’s settings, it can quite easily change it to allow connections to be visible to just itself or the ones connected to it.

Although, when it comes to brands and businesses, they would want to keep the identity of their employees, partners, and even contractors are hidden away from their competitors so as to avoid the competition going after them.


Exporting your Connections

With this feature, a LinkedIn user/business can easily export their connections to contact management systems and are downloaded in CSV or VCF formats. This exported file would contain the names of the contacts, their present company names, and even email address

And as such businesses on LinkedIn started using it to market their products and even sell their products through the email of LinkedIn members. So LinkedIn removed it but due to popular demand, LinkedIn returned the feature.


Managing your Skills and Endorsements

People use LinkedIn to look for jobs and divert people to their personal blog or just to their page and also to gain additional skills.

Here, having your skills listed out in plain sight will attract the kind of relevant interests to your page like employers. Once they are impressed, they would want to see more and this will lead them to your page or blog.

And doing this makes it much easier for potential employers to search for the kind of employees they need. Their search would be based on the skill set an applicant has.

Apart from that and because of your work and professionalism, a user can endorse another user’s skills. The feature allows members to vouch for the skills of others. And because of the importance of this feature when it comes to how your LinkedIn profile is viewed and who it was viewed.

So, it’s best to ensure that whomever a user endorses can actually possess the skill set they show and can deliver on projects given. It is necessary to find out if they are worthy of an endorsement, for this influences your LinkedIn profile and in the long run the way potential employers/contractors view the user.


Saving User Searches

For users who spend their time searching for courses on LinkedIn, job opportunities, or just interesting content, saving your searches would come s an aid boost. A user can save their search should they want to visit those searches again.

Linkedin gives users the feature that allows them to save searches of jobs, learning programs, and posts. To access this feature a user needs only select the save search option.

A user can access their saved searches in my items located under the profile tab


Adding Media Files to a User’s Profile

There is a LinkedIn feature that allows its users to add different media files like photos, videos, documents, presentations, and links to its user profile

This feature allows users to show viewable evidence of their work, projects, and experiences. It shows that what the user placed on their LinkedIn profile as what they have done is real.


Clearing your LinkedIn History

LinkedIn keeps a history of a user’s previous and past searches. The history kept is mostly used to better aid the user by bringing the user better results in its searches.

Deleting a user’s search history can be done from the settings page or search bar. When a user deletes its browser history, any link it had with that search is cleared and as such would change the results would get if is to put in a previous search.

To clear your LinkedIn browser history from the search bar;

  1. Select the search bar located at the top of the screen page
  2. Select clear that is located at the right of the recent search
  3. Select clear from the pop-up confirmation message.

To clear browser history through settings and privacy page;

  1. Select the icon named me at the top of your LinkedIn page
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Settings and privacy
  3. Select the privacy tab that is at the top of the page
  4. On the right side of the page, select how LinkedIn uses your data then select change beside the search history
  5. Select clear history
  6. When the confirmation window pop up, select clear.

And your browser history should be cleared and a clean slate would be shown.


Going a Step Further Using LIProspect

The above has shown the user just a bit of what LinkedIn can do for any user who chooses to jump on the best boat to town. But outside that, another thing that could help a business trying to move forward into success on the LinkedIn platform is LIProspect.

Liprospect is a lead generation platform that assists users in getting through to the best of quality leads that would help give the business the boost it needs to grow and get better ROI. LIProspect helps its users meet quality prospects and connect with them. The goal is to turn these prospects into buyers of your products/services.

With LIProspect a user can effectively focus on the right leads, positively increase the awareness of its business and provide the opportunity to gain priceless potential details. As LIProspect assists its user in this aspect, the user can focus on other priorities like using information gain from prospects to further improve its business, close deals with potentials, and overall develop the business.

Some of the features provided by LIProspect are;

  1. Advanced research
  2. Cloud-based system
  3. Run unlimited campaigns
  4. Smart inbox
  5. Reply detection
  6. Blacklist management

All these and more have been proven to effectively help a user get the best out of LinkedIn the best and right way.



The clearing of a user’s browser history above is easy and quick. In case a user feels that the browser history is too clustered and it has no use for previously saved searches. It can easily clear the search history using the above steps.


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