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27 May 2021  •   11 minutes read

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Article On LinkedIn Company Page

Whatever business you’re running or Job you’re searching for on LinkedIn, the best and easiest way to establish authority is by writing excellent content.

Only through the content and value, you offer on the platform people will understand how professional you’re.

Writing content on LinkedIn is a way to stay active on the platform, some users will just signup, complete their profile, and think that they have a strong presence on LinkedIn.

In order to remain relevant on any social media platform, you must engage on the platform and the best way to interact with the audience is by offering something valuable. The best valuable asset you can share is content which is in the form of blog posts or articles.

When you publish content on LinkedIn it will be published in the articles section and will also become part of your LinkedIn profile as well.

The more interaction the content receives, the more it will be displayed to other users on LinkedIn which translates to more exposure for your articles. If you have website links in that article, you’ll receive lots of traffic to your website.

LinkedIn has more than 300 monthly active users, their members aren’t the same as other social media networks, they’re mostly professionals in various careers or business owners. You’ll definitely benefit from engaging with LinkedIn users, if you’re looking for a job, some can offer it to you by just reading your articles.

Generally speaking, LinkedIn users are looking for content or articles for just two reasons; one is that they’re looking for relevant content for career knowledge improvement, they want to connect with professionals that will increase their knowledge.

The second reason is that they want to share and curate content that will make them more visible to business partners or prospective employers. Whatever content you share on LinkedIn, you want to make sure that it’s geared towards these purposes.

In this article we are going to talk about sharing content and articles on LinkedIn, you’ll learn how to share content and also the type of content you need to share if you want to attract LinkedIn users to read your content, and also some helpful tips regarding LinkedIn usage.

Why Should You Give Attention To LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn is the second channel for sharing business-related content on the web. The first channel for sharing business content is email, then you have LinkedIn taking the second lead. When it comes to social networks, LinkedIn is actually the first platform you can rely on when it comes to sharing business content.
  • About 50% of social traffic related to B2B comes from LinkedIn, you already know that the majority of web traffic now comes from social media sites, and imagine tapping into a source that generates more than 50% of business traffic, wouldn’t that be a great advantage to you.
  • Establish credibility; If you want to establish credibility in the business world or for your professional career, LinkedIn is the best way to start and you can begin right away by sharing high-quality content.
  • Establish more connections; Your content and articles will define who you’re on LinkedIn, once users find your content interesting, they’ll definitely want to connect with you, not only on LinkedIn, they’ll also love to connect with you on other social channels as well.
  • Land a Job; For job seekers, if you truly want to get a job fast, you should start contributing to the platform because your articles and other posts will always show up on your profile which is the first thing employers will check. Writing relevant and high-quality articles is a way to demonstrate your skills in any chosen career.
  • Generate traffic to your website; by writing articles on LinkedIn, you can generate more traffic to your website or any other URL you’re targeting. Inside your content, you can always redirect users to your website so that they can learn more or mention some resources that are only available on your website. This way you’re forwarding them to your website with ease and from there you might sell your services or collect email addresses for sending newsletters in the future.

These are some of the benefits of posting content or articles on LinkedIn and as you can see, business owners or professionals can definitely take advantage of content creation and sharing on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Articles Vs LinkedIn Posts

There are different types of content sharing on LinkedIn, there are articles, also called LinkedIn Pulse and there are LinkedIn posts.

You need to understand the differences between these two types of content before we move on to posting articles on LinkedIn. We’ll talk briefly about each so that you can know the differences, and the pros and cons.

LinkedIn Articles (Pulse) And Posts – What’s the Difference?


LinkedIn articles have no limit, meaning that you can add any number of words, while posts on the other hand are limited to 700 characters, nothing much to write about when it comes to posts, you’ll have to provide an external source for more information.

Preferably, what you want to do is create a long article and post it, then you create a short post promoting the article and you can share the full article link in your posts.

Long Term Effect

We all want our content to have an effect, and articles on LinkedIn have a longer-term effect than posts. This is because an article can show up even after one month in the article section, while posts are only active within the 3-10 days depending on the engagement it received right from the beginning.


LinkedIn articles can show up in search engines like Google, while posts won’t show up in Google or other search engines. That means you can benefit from search engine traffic using your article and that’s not limited to a certain period of time, as long as the published article is live, it will always show up in search engines.


LinkedIn articles don’t show up in the user feed, while posts are shown to users in the feed. You’ll receive immediate exposure when you create posts, most of your connections will see your post when they log in to their account.

We can draw the conclusion that LinkedIn doesn’t boost articles as they did with posts. You’ll have to put in some extra work to promote your articles, they’ll however still show up on your profile, if you’re getting profile views, you’ll receive more exposure for your articles.

These are the major differences between the two, even though it might seem that articles don’t get enough exposure, but that doesn’t mean they’re not effective on LinkedIn.

Lots of users are visiting the article’s sections to find relevant articles that will help them boost their career and if you have good content, it will be shared by a lot of users which will show up on their profile.

Can You Post An Article On A Company Page?

The simple answer is no, you can’t post articles directly on a LinkedIn company page, the “Write Article” option isn’t available. You can however post an article on your personal profile and then you can share it on a company page. We’ll outline how to do that on both your PC and mobile device.

How To Post An Article On LinkedIn With Your PC

  • Start by visiting your LinkedIn feed page, you’ll be directed to your feed once you logged in. You should know that the feed page isn’t the same as the profile page. If you’re already logged in and you’re not on the feed page, you should click on the “LinkedIn Logo” which is at the top of the navigation bar from top left.
  • Once you’re on the home feed you’ll notice the option that says “Write Article” just below the “Start a Post” field. You shouldn’t click on the “Create a post” area because the article box will disappear. You can’t create a post and an article at the same time, only one of them at a time.
  • You have the option to add a header image and it’s strongly recommended you add images to your articles and not just any image, create images with attention-grabbing text on them, and also have great visuals. The recommended image is 698×400 pixels, you can of course upload higher resolutions but will be resized or cropped.
  • Then your article title and body; Though, LinkedIn has removed the character limit for the title which is previously at 70 characters, you should not make your title very long. It should be attention-grabbing and offer some promise that will force users to click on your article. It shouldn’t be too short as well especially if you want to receive traffic from search engines. You then paste your article body, you should rather compose your article in a word processor such as Microsoft Word Document, you can format the article the way you want and then copy and paste on the LinkedIn editor.
  • And last but not the least, you should create a footer for your article where you explain briefly who you’re and also some helpful links for the reader. This is really important because you’ll be leaving a lot of traffic wasted by not directing the reader to your website or other online sources.
  • After finalizing the article, you should then publish and share it; at the top right corner, see the “Publish” button. One thing worthy of mentioning is that you need to add tags to your article. You’re telling LinkedIn and search engines what your article is talking about. Use at least 5-10 tags for your articles before publishing them. After publishing, you should also grab the article which can be copied when you hit the share link or button.

After posting your article, you can now share it on the company page if that’s what you want using the share button that’s at the bottom of the article, you can as well share it on any other online source provided you have made the article link accessible to them. Let’s now take a look at how you can post an article on LinkedIn with your mobile device.

How To Post An Article On LinkedIn Using Mobile Device

Currently, LinkedIn doesn’t offer the option to publish a new article using the app, the option is only available when you log in to your account with a PC browser.

What you can do is share the article link or some paragraph from the article using the post feature that’s available even on the app. Creating a post with the app is pretty simple, here is how to do it;

  • You need to Install the LinkedIn mobile app if you haven’t, it’s available for both Android and iOS, you should visit your store and search for LinkedIn so that you can install it if you have not done so.
  • Launch the app and log in which will take you to the home page.
  • The “Post” icon is now visible to you by the left of the screen.
  • Paste the link of your published article and also write some description, or you can copy a paragraph and then add the URL telling the readers to visit the link below in order to read the whole article.

Reshare Your Article

We have already mentioned that articles have a long lifespan, but there is the need to share your article on various sources online.

It’s important to strive on generating views for your article, the more you’re generating views, the more LinkedIn will think that your article is valuable and it’s something that people will love. This way the article might be placed at the top of the article feed.

You should start by grabbing the article link and then share it on your posts as mentioned above since when users log in, they’ll notice your LinkedIn posts where you added a link to the article. You need to write a short description of what the article is all about, then you should paste the article link.

Share the article link on other social networks such as Facebook, and you’ll notice the massive exposure your article will start receiving.

Make sure to also use target keywords, use them naturally a couple of times not spamming the article with too many keywords. This will optimize the article on LinkedIn and also in search engines since it’s already visible there.

Track The Performance Of Your Article

It has been said, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. You need to keep track of the performance of your article, LinkedIn allows users to monitor the performance of their articles.

To do that you need to click on your profile image avatar, and click on the “View my profile” option. From the menu options, you can see “Articles and Activity”, then you click on “See all articles”.

All your articles will be listed and you can choose the one you want to view its performance. It’s important to check all your articles and notice the ones that are performing the best so that you can focus on creating such content.

For each article, you can see the number of views and once you click on the views, a Pop-Up Windows will open where you can see more analytics data for that article.

You can see the shares it gets and some information regarding the viewers of your article, like their location, job titles, how they found your article, the company they’re working with, and so on.

You might ask how this data can help? Well, it can help in different ways, if for instance, if you find that a lot of users from a certain company or location viewed your article, you can host events or workshops and invite them. They love your content and they’ll definitely show up.

Top Content Ideas To Share On LinkedIn

You’ve seen how to post on LinkedIn, let’s talk about the best content ideas for sharing on LinkedIn.

Blog Posts

Before you even spend a lot of time creating new articles to share on LinkedIn, you need to start by sharing some of your blog posts. Take a look at your old blog posts that have received a lot of views from search engines and other social media platforms.

Since they’ve performed well on these platforms, chances are they’ll receive good exposure on LinkedIn as well. You can copy the best articles on your blog and then share them or paste them into the article box.

If you want to send some of the traffic back to your website, don’t paste the article completely, just add a few paragraphs and let them visit the website link for the rest of the article. Utilizing your blog posts is one of the best ways you can generate articles for publishing on LinkedIn.

Your Newsletters

If you have some valuable newsletters you’re sending to your subscribers, it’s time to let them work for you again especially if they’re long enough, something like 1000-words is long enough and you can still add more information if you like to make the article even longer.

Search for Trending Topics in Your Niche

You need to identify the topics that are currently trending and write your content based on that niche. There are trending topics in every niche out there, I am not saying you should follow trends blindly, identify your niche or career and search for trending events. Come up with unique content that’s not available on LinkedIn, then you share it and see the attention it gets.

Focus on How-to Guides

How-to guides are among the best content that receives lots of content on the web, online users are always looking for how to do things, every niche has a problem they want to solve and if you can create a how-to guide in your career niche, you’ll definitely attract readers to your articles.

You can do some research on LinkedIn and notice the type of how-to guides that receive the most attention and then you can come up with your own ideas.

Third-party Content

If you currently don’t have any ideas or you don’t have the time to write high-quality articles, you can use third-party content.

There are many sources online that allow sharing their content, most of them require attribution of the source, but there are still those that don’t need it. For some, you’ll have to request permission before publishing their article on the web.

If you have access to these sources and you find some high-quality content that’s worth sharing, you can always share it or repost on LinkedIn. A lot of content on blogs now has the share button for LinkedIn, you can utilize those sources as well.

You have to be selective though when it comes to sharing third-party content, avoid overly controversial content, and make sure to use hashtags in order to categorize your LinkedIn posts.

If the URL you’re sharing is too long, make sure to use URL shortening services like Bitly, most of them are free to use. And finally, don’t compromise on quality, make sure the content you’re sharing resonates with your connections and it’s something that will present you as a professional on LinkedIn.

Video Content

Video content will also do great on LinkedIn, if you can find helpful videos sharing some tips and tricks, you can share them on your LinkedIn profile. You want to however make sure that the videos you’re sharing are short, not more than five minutes.

Most users don’t have the time to watch hours of videos or even 30 minutes, if it’s your own videos, you should consider creating a short teaser, even thirty seconds is ok, which will direct users to the longer video you have in place for them.

Use Subtitles in your videos and don’t forget to include a call-to-action text in your videos so that you can send the viewers to your website.

That’s it on how to post articles on a LinkedIn company page, you have seen that it’s not possible to post articles directly on a company page, you can only share your posts on that page. We’re hoping that LinkedIn will offer such provision in the future so that businesses can directly publish articles on their pages.

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