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How to Send a Cold LinkedIn Message

Send a Cold Message on LinkedIn

Cold messages on LinkedIn are messages that are sent to someone who is not a connection. They are often used to make the first contact with a company or individual who you want to do business with. These cold messages should be short and sweet, and they should be about something in common that you have with the person you are contacting. For example, if you are contacting someone in your industry, then mention something about your industry that is happening. If you are contacting someone from another country, mention something about their country or ask them a question about it. Cold messages can also be used when looking for mentors or people who might have information on what career path to take next.


What is a Cold Message?

A cold message can be defined as a message sent to someone who is not expecting to receive a message from you because they do not know you. There are a variety of channels where such cold messages are sent, for example LinkedIn, email, Facebook and more. There is a certain kind of risk factor involved with cold messages since it is about receiving a message from someone who has never spoken to you, thus it requires a certain kind of strategy to work in your favor.

A cold message is a sales message that is sent to a prospect that has not had any contact with the sender in the past. The goal of cold messages is to initiate contact with prospects and to develop a relationship. They are best used when there is little information about the prospect’s needs, or when the prospect has not yet been contacted by other sales representatives. Cold messages should be brief, professional, and tailored towards specific needs of the recipient.


Reaching Out with a Cold Message

Earlier it was mentioned how cold messages need to be sent with a certain kind of strategy to work in your favor. Some of these strategies are solely for LinkedIn where you are sending out cold messages to find work or business opportunities. Cold messages on LinkedIn are a great way to reach out to people and start a conversation. They are a great way to get in touch with potential employers, clients, or even just people you want to be friends with.

It is important that you do not come off as too aggressive. You should also not be too passive and just wait for someone to contact you first. The best thing to do is send out a cold message when you see someone who might be interested in what you have to offer. LiProspect is a LinkedIn automation tool that can help you send the personalized outreach message with the following strategies and qualities:


The key to a successful cold LinkedIn message is being clear. Avoid any kind of jargon and phrases that make it sound like extra. For example, do not send a cold message saying ‘Hey! Do you have 15 minutes for a quick meeting call?’ Instead of this, come directly to the point.


Do not state more than one request in one and specifically the first cold message. If the conversation is sparked, you might get other chances to come to different agendas but for the first message, stick to one thing.


LinkedIn is a professional network and everyone has a right to send cold messages on this platform professionally, hence never start your message with an apology, for example ‘Sorry to bother you..’


Customization is the secret to be successful when it comes to cold messages. LiProspect allows you to be as customized with every user as possible with automated messages.


Remember that a LinkedIn cold message is not an email. State your request in 75 or maximum 100 words. The shorter and clearer your message is, the more it has the chances to be read and gain attention.


Including attachments in the first cold message on LinkedIn makes it sound aggressive. Imagine a professional you have never talked to before and the first time you get an opportunity for a meaningful conversation, you bombard them with lengthy content. Keep your first message text only.


If you have mutual connections with your targeted user, you might want to message them including this detail. Saying ‘I saw that you are already connected with Dan, he is an amazing trainer and I had the opportunity of arranging his session at my company’. Including a reputable professional in the message and starting off a conversation this way increases your chances of being responded and liked.


Doing something for a new user before asking them a favor is a difficult but possible thing to do. Doing something nice for people who might become future partners in the future is always better. It shows the reciprocate genuineness as well.


A LiProspect cold message is a way of reaching out to someone on LinkedIn. It is a short, concise message that is designed to be personalized and relevant to the person receiving it. The benefits of using this automation tool are that it gets your email in front of them quickly and can be used as a way to communicate when you do not have any other connection with the person. 

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