LinkedIn’s New Expansion of Its Creator Accelerator Program

19 Aug 2022  •   2 minutes read

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LinkedIn’s Creator Accelerator Program


LinkedIn has recently announced its new expansion of the Creator Accelerator Program. This will improve LinkedIn skills for users and maximize their in-app presence. It will see chosen LinkedIn creators to be invited for taking part in a new initiative to make the overall user experience better. The overall of the program vision is to let people, entrepreneurs, businesses and brands grow through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s Creator Accelerator Program has three tracks:

  • Content
  • Marketing
  • Technology.

The Content track is designed for professionals who want to build a content business and the Marketing track is for those with marketing skills. The Technology track is for those who want to build an app or software company. LinkedIn also provides mentorship, funding and resources for people who are interested in this program. All these three tracks cater to the entire main chunk of modern industry businesses today with technology as the core center to every business.

Under the Creator Accelerator Program participants will have access to products and tools that will allow them to build engaged communities, start conversations and connect to numerous meaningful opportunities on LinkedIn for six weeks. It is like taking full advantage of LinkedIn as a connecting and networking platform. Moreover each participant will be given $12,000 for their participation. Other than this, there will be intellectual mentors and advisers which will provide training to them.

One of the leading trainers would be Sherrel Dorsey, who is the founder of ‘The Plug’. Podcasters Samir Chaudry and Colin Rosenblum will also be giving training. In September last year, LinkedIn launched the initial stage of its Creator Accelerator Program where it announced a 10-week course for its participants with a $15,000 cash stipend. This year, the program is redesigned with a main focus on ‘Technology and Innovation’. According to the statistics, technology and innovation industries are the top creators on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has experienced a top level of engagement with more creators in recent years. The platform wants to expand more by feeding more leadership content in people’s newsfeed. With technology digital platforms have expanded extraordinarily. Content creators can make money through posting on other sites and guest blogging today. So LinkedIn is trying to give more direct incentive to its users to compete with the much more famous popular video ads.

You can always become a part of this program and solidify your LinkedIn presence. Some of the specifications of the program are:

  • US residentship.
  • Above 18 years in age.
  • Track record of professional conversations.

Personalized messages on LinkedIn have enabled professional conversations to grow on the platform and all parties to benefit mutually from it. LinkedIn’s Creator Accelerator Program will now be open to all companies, not just those with 100 employees or less. The new program will also be open to startups, which is a change from the previous requirement of having raised less than $2 million in funding. LinkedIn is aiming for this expansion to provide more opportunities for people and businesses to grow and connect on LinkedIn’s platform.

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