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Liprospect Review

If you’re a business/company looking for growth digitally, you should know by now that networking is very important. Now, LinkedIn has been able to create that space for both businesses and individuals.

But of course, to get this growth manually can be slow and repetitive. Too many activities, analytics, and an ever-growing audience. This is where Liprospect comes in.

Liprospect is an automation tool that is used to make the growth process easier and achieve more in less time. If you’re considering using Liprospect to help with prospecting but you’re not sure about its effectiveness and the features it offers, welcome and get in line.

In this article, I will be reviewing the Liprospect automation tool; how it works, its features, pricing, ease of use as well as alternatives.


What is Liprospect?

Liprospect is a third-party LinkedIn automation tool used for lead generation and prospecting. It is cloud-based and prides itself as being an automated Linkedin prospecting tool with humanized algorithms. So what this means is that a Bot does the work but it has been programmed to act human-like.

It uses proven B2B techniques to generate leads. It offers to find targeted contacts by creating an outreach plan and follow-ups on what they like to call Auto-pilot mode.

So it makes the journey to success through Linkedin, a smooth, fast,energy-saving, and safe experience. This right here sounds like a lifesaver.

Liprospect will use tools like smart inbox, personalized follow-up messages to do as much as manage your content, manage your prospects and monitor your growth.

This means that not only would you be able to generate more leads, but you’ll also be able to keep them interested in what you have to offer and in turn make conversions.


Getting Started on Liprospect.

For one thing, the registration process on Liprospect is as quick and easy as promised, it really does take 5mins to set up.

First, you should know this software is not downloadable, so you can access it by visiting their website, You can go through their website to know what you’re getting into.

Next up, you sign up! This is free and you would actually be signing up for the 7-day trial. There are a few steps involved, i.e. your email, password, promo code if you have one, and your card details.

Once you’re signed up, you can Create your automated sequence, launch a Campaign on the simplified campaign manager, and Get busy with filling up your inbox!

Don’t worry leaving the website does not stop all the activities you’ve automated as it is cloud-based. You can log in at any time to view your account.


Liprospect Features

Now, unto the good stuff. Liprospect offers a range of features, each with different functions but ultimately leading to the center goal. These features are visibly laid out and well detailed with their functions, on the website. So with each feature, you’ll be able to know and select what you want Liprospect to do for your LinkedIn space.

This feature covers everything that has to do with gaining prospects and managing the prospects’ gain process. There are a few functions carried out under this feature.


Auto View Profiles

This allows you to increase your engagement by over 500%. It does this by visiting the profiles of relevant accounts, many of whom would view your profile in return. Of course, this is all done automatically, when it is set.


Send Connection Requests

After viewing profiles of relevant accounts, the next thing would be to send a Connection request. You can easily grow your network with auto connection requests to targeted accounts. This feature also allows you to write a compelling and personalized intro because what better way to get to people.


Personalized Follow Up Sequence

Up next is to set a follow-up sequence Campaign. This is good because if you’re looking to make conversions, you have to follow up on the potential sale.

Liprospect will help set up your follow-up sequence campaign and nurture your prospects even while you sleep. Liprospect will automatically stop the sequence when a reply is detected (if set), so it doesn’t send the wrong message and you can rightfully close the deal.


Manage Prospects with Tags and Notes

This feature allows you to segment your leads with appealing tags and notes which lets you easily filter your leads and export them to CRM with ease. All these simplify your leads generation and management.


With Liprospect, you can use personalized variables for your messages, this would help increase engagement as people tend to respond more and faster to messages that seem directed at them. You can also use the sequence builder to specifically set a sequence for a particular campaign or contact.


This feature covers campaigns and managing your progress. It does this by simplifying the process, talk about a campaign manager.


Run Unlimited Campaigns

This could be my favorite function yet. It lets you run unlimited campaigns, compare the result of each campaign and settle for what’s working best. You do not have to settle for less.


Import Custom List

This function is for those who already have a contact list or Linkedin users they would like to target, you can cut the first stages, import your lists and activate a campaign immediately.


Import Sales Navigator Search

Liprospect has advanced search filters to help easily import your Linkedin sales navigator search results to begin a campaign. Note, you do not need a sales Navigator account to use, you can go with your Linkedin basic search account.


Supports Linkedin Basic Search

Liprospect also supports Linkedin basic search as well. Copy your search URL to LiProspect and kick start your campaign.


Detailed Campaign Insights and Metrics

This is a really great feature. You can get detailed insights and key metrics of your campaigns and monitor the progress of each campaign.

You can also run A/B testing for each of your campaigns to get the best result. With this feature, you would see your overall progress, campaign results with dates, visits, requests, replies, outreach analysis, prospects, and recent activities.

Connect LiProspect to your favorite CRM via Zapier integration and export your valuable leads to your favorite CRM. You would select the type of updates to send and users to send to. You can also auto-sync your Leads to Google sheets as they come.

LiProspect lets you send up to 800 InMails per month to Linkedin Open Profiles and you can send credit-based InMails depending on your Sales Navigator InMail credit. Inmail messaging is a great communication option for both B2B and B2C businesses.

This is actually a commendable and distinguished feature. It blacklists accounts that you do not want to interact with. All you need to do is paste the profile links into the blacklist manager and the Not won’t interact with these accounts. I can see how this would really come in handy, clearing the way to focus on serious accounts.

This feature is just the ability to automate all the above processes and proven B2B techniques. Liprospect is a cloud-based platform so once things are set in place, the automation takes place 24/7, except you want to put a stop to an activity or any of the “smart features” does so.


With Liprospect, first off you get a 7-day trial period which is absolutely free and can be canceled at any time. So if you’ve used the software for the trial period and you are in no way impressed, you can cancel the plan and go no further. But if you are impressed at the end of the 7-day trial, then you can go ahead to choose a subscription and billing plan for yourself.

Liprospect offers two automated plans. The first one is the professional plan. The professional plan bills for $49/monthly and offers features such as;

With the professional plan, you can only run 1 LinkedIn account, that is only one account get to enjoy these offers but if you want more than 1 account to enjoy the above privileges, you would have to pay an additional $49. Basically, that is $49 per account under this plan.

The next plan Liprospect offers is the Agency plan. So the agency plan is like an advanced professional plan. You get a whole lot more, no wonder the logo for this plan is a plane. This plan bills for $245/monthly.

With the Agency plan, you get all the features in the professional plan and two extra features. The features are;


But there’s more! The Agency plan includes;

This means, 5 different LinkedIn accounts can enjoy these offers monthly. However, if it goes beyond 5, you would have to pay an additional fee of $49. If I needed to run more than 1 LinkedIn account, I would prefer to go for the Agency plan than go for professional and pay double because, with the Agency plan, I’d get more.

But it’s also good that one can easily upgrade to the Agency plan from the professional plan if you desire more.

The price you get with Liprospect is surprisingly cheap, reasonable, and affordable, especially compared to other automation tools and weighing what Liprospect can do.

The billing is also very easy and through verified methods. And you can change or update your billing card anytime.

Building a brand or Business especially via social networks always comes at a price. You can decide to pay in long, exhausting, slow-resulted human effort and time or you can decide to get a little help with an automated humanized algorithm. It takes a lot to generate leads, narrow down your target, make connections, etc.

With Liprospect, you’re assured of 24/7 service which would drive immense results. So, there is a good chance you’ll be getting returns for your investment and most likely even more. Imagine how stress-free it would be to get leads, connections, clients/jobs, making B2B or B2C sales, and being able to focus on other things.

Also, the Liprospect price is on the cheap and affordable side plus it offers more than what some high-end automation tools offer. For example, With Liprospect, you get Auto-sync to google sheet, white-labeling, branding, and blacklist management which I haven’t seen with other tools. So you’re able to do more at a cheaper rate.

So yes, it’s worth giving a try, to say the least. Plus you can cancel your subscription at any time if you aren’t impressed.


Overall User experience; is it easy to Use?

The user experience you get with this software is well above average. The interface is not hard to navigate and its speed is definitely decent.

The first thing you notice when you open the software is a “brief” explanation of what they do, a get started for a free sign which is good, and a watch demo sign to give a better picture of what you might be getting into.

The features are all listed and well laid. There’s no chance of getting confused if it’s your first time because it’s all “briefly” explained underneath. The best thing about the user experience has to be these picture-like/slide-like demonstrations under each feature.

They show you exactly what to expect, what to click on, and the results as quickly as sliding through without even having to click on them.

Once you have a campaign running, the dashboard is the next experience you get. It shows your progress in an easy-to-understand manner.

The dashboard shows you how well your campaign is doing with targeting, your connections, personalized message sequence, notes/tags, and a general auditory of your daily progress. It shows all activities carried out by the Bot and allows you to monitor, pause, and direct activities.

I like how the next instruction or feature slides up rather than just being there, it adds an unexplained beauty and grace to the software. I also like how the three parallel lines on the top right, give a shortcut to different segments including the Blog and Support.

The only thing I would change about the interface is its lack of color; this might be a preference of some people but I prefer a website with a splash of color, this gives it a more welcoming and well thought of approach. Nevertheless, the overall user experience with Liprospect is good and easy to use.


Pros and Cons of Using Liprospect

With any third-party software, there’s usually the good and the bad, the thumbs up and thumbs down. Despite enticing features, going through these pros and cons usually help decide if the tool will be worth it or not. Here are the Pros and Cons of using Liprospect.




How Safe is Liprospect?

When it comes to using third-party apps, especially automated tools, there’s always skepticism concerning safety. Liprospect is 100% safe and tries to make sure the users know they are safe. They pride themselves on being the safest cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool even having a built-in unique 4G Mobile Proxy for each account.

It has a verifiable method of payment and comes with great reviews. having up to 4.5 stars and even a customer review segment on the website. There’s also the support segment with live chat and email if you have concerns.

Nevertheless, I would recommend carefully going through their Privacy policy and Terms of service, to be fully aware of what you’re committing to. Plus you should also look up reviews and ask around for people you know who have used their services.

Liprospect has a good support system. They have a Help Center, Live Chat, Contact Us option, and a Blog.

When it comes to Live Chat and Contact Us, I must say, Liprospect has an active response team. Their live chat system actually works with responses in less than a minute and the responder was quite polite and patient because had a lot of “obvious” questions.

Their Help Center has articles categorized into four (but not limited) segments;

  1. Getting started
  2. Prospects
  3. Billing
  4. Troubleshoot

These articles answer most likely questions, from “recommended settings” to “how to fix re-login issues” and more.

The Blog is also helpful. It has articles that are based on questions one might have about LinkedIn. For example, there is an article on “how many LinkedIn Inmails can you send a month”, which is a useful feature that allows you to connect on LinkedIn.

Plus, it’s good to see that these articles are up-to-date and regular. Overall, the support you get with Liprospect is active and gets a thumbs up.

The chances of a LinkedIn account getting banned as a result of using automated tools is actually prevalent. LinkedIn would not want any third-party software carrying out activities on its App.

That is why it is important to use a tool that is well aware of that and is tailored to protect you from this while still carrying out its functions. Liprospect uses 100%humanized algorithms to ensure this.

For example, the personalized follow-up sequence: apart from personalizing messages, Lip can also detect when the prospect has replied or when a reply needs your actual attention, it will automatically stop the sequence(if set).

Basically, with Linkedin automation software it is important to use tools that allow you to regularize your activities, and have complete control even as the bot does the work. This would reduce the chances of creating suspicious activities and being suspended by LinkedIn.

With Liprospect, you do not need to install software or a browser extension before you can use the tool. The platform can be accessed through the website and is solely cloud-based software.

Now, because it is cloud-based, your campaigns will continue to run automatically as long as it has been set but can be stopped whenever you want it to. It is enabled by all devices, so you can always access Liprospect and check in on activities.



Liprospect is a great automation tool with vast offers, but if after the trial you decide it isn’t the tool for you, other good automation tools can stand side by side with Liprospect. Some have more features, cheaper rates, and decent reviews.

Here are some automation tools that can be used instead of Liprospect;

  1. MeetAlfred
  2. Expandi
  3. Zopto
  4. Web-connect


In conclusion

Liprospect seems to have some interesting and useful features, though fairly new to the LinkedIn automation scene, it has shown recommendable prospects. If it keeps getting better, in no time has the chance of being #1 in the game. So yes, I would recommend using the Liprospect automation tool.

Linkedin is a powerful platform for business/individual conversion, So, If you’ve been looking to generate leads and get more prospects on LinkedIn, Liprospect is a great way to go.

Whether you’re an enterprise sales rep, a B2B SaaS founder, or a startup team, LiProspect promises to get your dream prospect. The process is all automated and 24/7, so you have less stress and success.

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