LiProspecting Your Way to Labor Day

02 Sep 2022  •   2 minutes read

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With Labor Day 2021 being affected by Covid-19, Labor Day 2022 is anticipated with fervor in the USA. Consumers are looking forward to the Labor Day discounts excitedly. This holiday is often about spending quality time with your loved ones, hosting and attending barbecues and parties. Food, drinking and chilling is the game for every public holiday, but Labor Day has special significance for brands, businesses and companies.

Companies and businesses can gain a lot of consumer attention by sending InMails to their ally companies and be one step ahead from their competitors. Emails and messages do not always have to be about work and Labor Day is one opportunity where brands have got a chance to send Labor Day messages to establish their brand image as serious, corporate and empathetic towards their workforce. LinkedIn is the best social media platform on which you can generate these kinds of messages for better prospecting opportunities.

LiProspect is a LinkedIn automation tool that provides clients with access to an AI-driven, automated prospecting service. LiProspect leverages its proprietary data and machine learning algorithms to identify the most effective prospects for their clients. It then automates the process of reaching out to these prospects, including scheduling meetings and generating email content. LiProspect is a technology tool that offers a SaaS solution for lead generation. In addition to providing its customers with access to an AI-driven, automated prospecting service, it also provides them with access to their proprietary data and machine learning algorithms so they can do more in-depth analysis of their prospects.

This revolutionary new system identifies the right prospects for its clients and automates the entire process of reaching out to these individuals. It then follows up with them at pre-programmed intervals to see if they are interested in hearing more about a company’s offer. LiProspect is a LinkedIn automation tool that comes with the following unique features:

  • Dedicated 4G Mobile Proxy
  • 100% Safe
  • Cloud-Based
  • Personalized Follow-Up Messages
  • Smart Inbox
  • Drip Sequence
  • Advanced Search
  • Reply Detection
  • Blacklist Management

LiProspect, automatically gathers information about the user’s needs and creates personalized messages. The technology incorporates machine learning algorithms that are trained using data from millions of successful business profiles. LiProspect is focused on providing customers with an easy way to network without any hassle or confusion. In addition to offering fast solutions, it also provides customers with all the necessary information they need when it comes to attracting leads. This Labor Day, you can become a hero by buying LiProspect as it is a social selling platform that helps companies to manage their sales and marketing processes. It allows them to create, execute and monitor their social selling campaigns with ease. Moreover, it is an AI-powered CRM that automates the sales process. It helps companies to grow their business by increasing their conversion rates, customer lifetime value and ROI.

Avail the Labor Day discount at LiProspect with the following packages:

Monthly Packages

  • Personal Plan: 1 LiProspect Account-Monthly Subscription for $89/month.
  • Personal SalesNav Plan: 1 LiProspect Account-Monthly Subscription with Sales Navigator Plan for $109/month.

Yearly Packages

  • Professional Plan: 1 LiProspect Account-Yearly Subscription for $74/month and pay $178 less for a year.
  • Professional SalesNav Plan: 1 LiProspect Account-Yearly Subscription with Sales Navigator Plan for $90.5/month and pay $218 less for a year.

For more information on Liprospect, its working and pricing, visit today!

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