Multi Account Management with New Business Manager on LinkedIn

30 Aug 2022  •   2 minutes read

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New Business Manager on LinkedIn

Every business today is operating on multiple accounts. The idea has become so common that social media platforms like LinkedIn are trying to make things more manageable and better for the business community on the platform. Now businesses that are managing their marketing processes through multiple LinkedIn accounts can now manage everything under the new Business Manager platform. This platform lets you feed in multiple accounts and manage them all under one dashboard.

With new LinkedIn Business Manager organizations can manage people, pages, ad accounts and the businesses they work with from one place. Even for large advertisers and agencies which market across more than one ad accounts and pages, Business Manager is providing a central view of all their ad accounts and pages for a seamless control across them. With this new manager, users can manage permission and access. Their centralized listing with all the connected profiles and users remains intact.

With LinkedIn Business Manager you can also share Matched Audience data across ad accounts that gives a streamlined way to use custom audiences and related information across profiles. This platform was announced in August 2022 within limited testing but now all kinds of businesses can have access  to the new platform. It is essentially in Beta mode for now. LinkedIn Business Manager can be a winning game for the big brands and agencies because it gives them more management capacity under a simple dashboard.

Functionally, there is not much change in the dashboard from the current design and also most of the features are also the same but the platform design is more accustomed to bringing everything together and make the LinkedIn process an easier one for businesses. Vice President Operational Excellence at Group M, Jordan Benetet recently used it and immediately decided to onboard all Group M agencies in Canada on it.

With companies like Group M’s big footprint on LinkedIn, Business Manager enables them to save a lot of time and control other people’s access, reduce administrative processes and track their client’s engagement. Moreover it allows companies to do what they best do with their strategic partners and build world-class digital activations for execution. Some of the most distinguished features of LinkedIn Business Manager are:

  • Manage and view teams, pages,  ad accounts and business partners from the central dashboard.
  • Easier control and management of admin tasks, for example: permissions and billing.
  • The liberty to share and update Matched Audiences across ad accounts.

LinkedIn Business Manager can surely be a game-changer for big companies, businesses and brands as we can see. With more easy account management now, you can also enable easier lead generation with LiProspect. LiProspect is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you grow your business network immensely.

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