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24 May 2021  •   11 minutes read

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Review of Salesflow

Technology has catapulted the all-around development of affairs in the world of humans through artificial intelligence. The rising growth of social communities on virtual platforms affirms the assertion that the world is a global village. One of the things that characterize the existence of humans, is the vocation of trade.

Every activity of human beings on planet earth is characterized by trade. Whether you are in the hospital, in the school, in the traditional marketplace, in a salon, at the garage, in the automobile industry, your activities are filled with trade, buying, and selling.

Whether you sell commodities or render services, the point is that all of these are characterized by the exchange! You give what you have and get paid what you settled for after negotiations, and not necessarily what you deserve.

Social media has made the activities of buying and selling, or of doing business easier, which is why we will in this article, review the Sales Flow app, alongside the LiProspect app and the roles they play in the engagement, and the growth of the sales pipeline on the social media app LinkedIn.


What Is a Salesflow App?

Before we delve into the details of the review of a salesflow app, it is expedient that we explain in this section, what a sales flow app is.

The Salesflow app is a “Business to Business” (B2B) lead generation platform for sales teams, growing startups, recruiters, job seekers, and other skilled professionals carefully, and professionally activate LinkedIn prospecting.

For Agencies, it provides the following:

  • Advanced Reporting
  • White-label dashboard
  • Future proof with real results

For Sales team, salesflow provides:

  • Safe prospecting
  • Centralized activity monitoring
  • Easy customer relationship management integration

For Startups, the salesflow avails:

  • Centralized dashboard
  • Advanced filters
  • Powerful Automation


What is a LiProspect App?

Remember that the LiProspect app is also being reviewed alongside the salesflow app in this article. While the preceding section described the Salesflow app, this section will also tour the part of the preceding section by properly explaining the LiProspect app.

The LiProspect app literally means LinkedIn Prospecting. LiProspect generates Outreach to prospects and Follow-ups on a complete auto-pilot mode. LiProspect proves to be the safest cloud-based Linkedin automation tool with a humanized algorithm, which makes it distinct from other “business to business” lead generation apps.

It promises to make the process of reaching out to the target audience or contact using LinkedIn faster, more efficient, and safe, using its proven business-to-business leads marketing and sales techniques.


Why Grow Your Sales Pipeline on LinkedIn With Salesflow

Sometimes, the only thing that can yield determination to get a result is the intent or the motive behind an action. This is to say that one may not be interested in growing the sales pipeline on LinkedIn using any of the “Business to business” lead generation apps except such one is aware of the benefits accrued to be involved with such activity. So in this section, we will be briefly showing you why you should consider growing your sales pipeline on LinkedIn.

  • Advanced sales funnel
  • Profitability
  • Propelling Features
  • Security


Advanced Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a sales tool that helps businesses or business owners reach more customers, or more end-users, or more buyers, of their products. The sales funnel has details for creating awareness, for pitching of interests until the purchase is made.

Now the LinkedIn Prospecting app, as well as other LinkedIn business-to-business leads provide advanced sales funnel for the business owners. This lead is automated once you sign up with the app, and fill out the necessary details about your business, or services.

Should you find it difficult to build an effective sales funnel, get in line with the sales pipeline on LinkedIn through LinkedIn Prospecting, or Sales flow, where half of the job has been done, and all you need is to just sign up and tag along with the automated sales pipeline.



The LinkedIn sales pipeline is an avenue that can yield increased profitability if it is duly maximized. The logical analysis is very simple!

For profitability, the more audience you are able to reach and follow up, the greater chances of having more closed deals, hence yielding more results efficiently.

If you’re able to reach and follow up about one thousand contacts on Linkedin in a month, you are more likely to close a deal with sixty percent, which is about six hundred. Inversely, if you are not able to reach out to more people and follow up with more prospects, then the chances could be quite narrow.

Before you rule out the LinkedIn prospecting or the sales pipeline on LinkedIn, think about the potential profitability.


Propelling Features:

Among other things or reasons, you should explore the sales pipeline on LinkedIn because of the Features these LinkedIn business-to-business lead apps have.

A popular saying has it that “the monk makes the hood”. In this case, “the monk makes the hood, and the hood equally makes the monk”. That simply implies that these features make the sales pipeline usage worthwhile, and on the other hand using the features properly, yields profitability.

Have you been ignoring the prompts to key into the LinkedIn Prospecting app, or Salesflow app, you should stop ignoring them now. Reconsider, give it your attention, and watch your businesses or profession grow alongside other businesses and professionals on Instagram.

Sometimes, you could be closer to a huge breakthrough in business and not see it, nor feel it, nor even know it at all until the opportunity is missed.

Consider this to be the leap you need in the right direction for the growth of your business, or for your own professional growth, and you surely will reap good profits in due time as you sign up on LinkedIn Prospecting or Salesflow, or any other LinkedIn business to business lead sales pipeline application.


Salesflow Features Available For the Growth of Your Sales Pipeline on LinkedIn:

We believe that one of the reasons you can grow your sales pipeline through the LinkedIn “business to business” lead is because of the features embedded in these apps. Hence, this part of this article will focus on the features available for the growth of your sales pipeline on LinkedIn.

Some of the features on the automation tools include the following:

  • Personalized variables
  • Personalized Follow-up Messages
  • Advanced search
  • Cloud-Based Platform
  • Smart inbox
  • Reply Detection
  • Dedicated 4G Mobile Proxy
  • Drip Sequence
  • Blacklist Management
  • Auto View Profiles
  • Send Connection Requests
  • Personalized Follow Up Sequence
  • Manage Prospects with Tags and Notes
  • Send Unlimited Inmail Messages
  • Customized client access
  • Manage everything from one place
  • Skyrocket your agency profits


Personalized Variables

Communication is not complete when an audience is yet to respond or does not consider oneself the recipient of the message. This is why personalized variables are necessary.

To get a proper response from prospects as business owners, or agencies, or professionals, do not greet your prospects with just the usual “hello, hi,“. They consider it a broadcast message that forced its way to their inbox.

Rather, implore the use of personalized variables like their first name, or office title, which gives them a feeling that you are intentional about talking to them, that they relax and feel more comfortable replying to your introductory messages in their inbox.

One rule of communication is to make your audience know that the message is wholly for them and no one else! That’s what personalization does with LinkedIn automation apps like Salesflow.


Personalized Follow-up Messages

Apart from properly introducing yourself with the necessary details, and addressing your prospects in the right manner with personalized variables, it is also important to have personalized follow-up messages.

Personalized follow-up messages, tell prospects that you have their best interest at the hem of affairs in your business, and over time, they get to engage you.


Advanced Search

It is not always easy to get the ideal contacts you intend to reach on Linkedin because of the handful of users, some of which go on to just tailor profiles to suit a requirement. So, for the millions of Prospects, LinkedIn prospects avail you with all of the filters needed to reach, and import your search to LiProspect for automated outreach, and prospecting.

The Salesflow which is our focus in this review also has the Advances search feature in its list of available automated tools for sales pipeline targets.


Cloud-Based Platform

The tech world functions with lots of data and network uploads, which makes it necessary for the devices to be on, or for the devices’ screen to be awake during the process.

However, Salesflow unlike these devices does not require the users to install any browser, or extension, or PC software to run because the Salesflow prospecting Automation App has a cloud-based platform in its automation tools that ensures that the user’s activities will always run twenty-four hours a day, seven times a week on the LinkedIn prospects servers while the user’s PC or any other device is off.


Smart Inbox

The inability to manage the inbox could sometimes be the reason you miss out on the deals you could have. Salesflow provides a feature that enables you to manage all of your prospects’ responses from an intuitive smart inbox with more advanced features like Quick Responses.


Reply Detection

In like manner, Salesflow also has a notification like a tool, that enables Salesflow to automatically detect replies from prospects, as they come, and the message sequence chain is stopped to allow for a manual follow-up in order to be able to convert business owners leads.


Dedicated 4G Mobile Proxy

LinkedIn Prospects require data like some other mobile apps. LinkedIn Prospects being sensitive to the economy avails users an amazing Four G (4G)mobile proxy for each account sign up for.

So if you are using the LinkedIn Prospects, you do not have to worry about your LinkedIn account safety, and other extra costs because once you have signed up, LinkedIn Prospects (LiProspect) assures you a hundred percent safety, and gives an assurance of lower costs.


Drip Sequence

A handful of work could make keeping up with manual follow-ups difficult because they are cumbersome and time-consuming. This is also a challenge with LinkedIn automation users are faced with, hence LinkedIn Prospects has a feature that enables auto follow-ups on prospects.

To activate this feature, one just has to sign up with LiP (LiProspect which means LinkedIn Prospects), then follow the guide on the web page, and then you can carefully set your drip sequence. That way, each and any follow-up on prospects at all, will be sent right on time, following the drip sequence feature on the LinkedIn Prospects (LiProspect) automation.


Blacklist Management

Have you ever been engulfed in sales that you initiate a conversation with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and suddenly you realize that you shouldn’t have initiated a conversation with some of them? I have had the experience a couple of times in my physical business, on social media, and even in social gatherings, as well as in religious gatherings.

It feels like you invited trouble in your space, and now you must do something to get rid of the trouble. The feeling may be different for you, but I am sure that we can all agree, that the feeling is not always a funny one.

While we are not able to fully discern which conversation has the potential to be the best interaction, we as humans will continue to tentatively get involved in conversations and find a way to control some so that they don’t overwhelm us in the nearest future.

The one marketing rule that says that “no prospect is a wrong prospect until you have spoken to them” makes LinkedIn automation app users prone to this. Whether you are a Salesflow user, or a LinkedIn Prospects user, you are prone to this same issue.

However, Salesflow or LinkedIn Prospects (LiProspect or LiP), provides users with a feature that can

easily blacklist accounts that users do not intend to further interact with anymore.

The steps for achieving this are quite easy as well and are as follows.

Paste the profile links on the blacklist manager on the feature’s icon, then the Salesflow prospects or LinkedIn Prospects will no longer automatically interact with any of those accounts against your wish.


Auto View Profiles

Having known that the blacklist management feature enables you to handle unsolicited interactions, your fears of engaging in new conversations should have been taken care of by now.

So to have the automation geometrically multiply your output, you will need to increase your engagement by visiting the profiles of relevant LinkedIn accounts, many of whom would view your profile in return. This exercise has proven to yield over five hundred percent efficient engagement and this feature can be found in the Salesflow LinkedIn sales automation app.

You just need to activate the feature after signing up on LinkedIn Prospects.


Send Connection Requests

While using LinkedIn, it’s always important to send connection requests because it widens the sales pipeline. Inversely, sending connection requests is not something that can be done easily, because of the manual or traditional methods of sending connection requests which makes it very boring.

Amazingly, the Salesflow LinkedIn prospecting app introduced an automated connection request feature that takes care of the burden.

This means that you can now efficiently, and effectively grow your network with the auto connection requests feature sending connection requests to targeted accounts on your behalf, as well as the ability to write a compelling intro and personalization for you without you having to lift a finger other than activating the auto connection requests feature.

Sending connection requests just got better on LinkedIn.


Personalized Follow Up Sequence

Sometimes the automated follow-up can become a source of nuisance to prospects, especially after they have replied several times.

It is dangerous to drive without a honk and to drive without a break, so LinkedIn Prospects also has a feature that helps you set a follow-up sequence campaign with which your prospects can be nurtured in your absence, or inaction, or while you are asleep. Now the follow-up sequence feature on Salesflow and on LiP automatically stops the sequence when a reply is detected from the prospect or prospects as the case may be.

Like other features, you will just have to set the feature up.


Manage Prospects with Tags and Notes

Sometimes, our inbox could be messy, that we lose interest in reading through the messages, hence we lose potential customers and prospects. It’s not a problem that we can pretend does not exist, which is why LinkedIn Prospecting provides a tool that helps users manage prospects with tags and notes.

If you conquer laziness, and every unwillingness to carefully segment your leads with more appealing tags and appealing notes, you will be able to easily filter your leads, and send them to customer relationship management with ease. This feature on the LinkedIn automation app, Salesflow precisely creates generation, as well as makes management easier.


Send Unlimited Inmail Messages

Whether your business is “Business to Business”, or “Business to Consumer”, the number of messages you can send contacts using the LinkedIn InMail messages on Salesflow virtually unlimited and ensures you can find, and contact who you really need in your sales funnel.

Using the InMail, as well as the regular messages, you can reach hundreds of prospects more effectively, and also efficient because the results or outputs are really faster. Even LinkedIn Prospects (LiProspect) once installed and signed up enables you to send about eight hundred InMails per month to Linkedin Open Profiles and contacts; it also lets you send credit-based InMails which is largely depending on the Salesflow Sales Navigator InMail credit in your account.


Customized Client Access:

Another feature of the LinkedIn automation app is the customized client access. This feature grants your clients a lot of unlimited access to private leads, inboxes, and reports that have your agency’s logo and branding as a business owner.

To Utilize this feature, you will have to do the following:,

Design a logo for your brand,

Design a domain name for your brand,

Add your logo and add your domain name.

Then, set up the column for more interactions with your client through the advanced client reports segment of the same feature.

More so, endeavor to provide a custom LinkedIn inbox made for lead management.

Sales prospecting gets better on LinkedIn with this feature that has been provided by Salesflow.


Manage Everything From One Place:

It may be confusing to understand all the features and know to use them. Just like in household power connections, which is why most houses have a generator house or a powerhouse that handles the overall electrical power connections of the house.

Salesflow has introduced a feature that enables you to track all your client activities from one global dashboard, which enables you to grow your business with confidence and scale it beyond the size of your team.

To activate this feature, you may just need to do the following:

Get access to potential clients, or prospects LinkedIn accounts, and sync with Salesflow through the customer desktop agency Salesflow browser.

In addition to that, you can also review snapshots of all your campaigns from the Salesflow global agency panel.

This feature is available when you sign up for partnerships with either Salesflow or LinkedIn Prospects for the the automation of sales pipeline on LinkedIn.


Skyrocket Your Agency Profits:

The last but not the least feature is the skyrocketing feature available to users to scale their LinkedIn services, as well as lower the management cost per client with the white-label dashboard available on Salesflow.

To have access to this feature:

Become a user of the Salesflow,

Then subscribe to a package to activate LinkedIn automation as a service.

This feature renders a very scalable, and secure cloud-based solution for your LinkedIn automation.


Are There Other Apps That Could Be Used to Grow the Sales Pipeline on LinkedIn?

Apart from the Salesflow automation app and LinkedIn Prospects (LiProspect), there are other apps or software that could be used to grow the sales pipeline on LinkedIn. You can begin your first trial within LiProspect.



Salesflow is an amazing software for an increased sales pipeline on LinkedIn.

On the other hand, LinkedIn Prospect nurtures and Closes more deals which is why we have reviewed the two in this article today.

Apart from the difference in prices bring that LiProspect is more affordable, you have all you need for a perfect Linkedin prospecting campaign with the right options that’ll surely generate valuable leads with Salesflow and LiProspect.

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