Step-by-Step Guide: Changing Your Email on LinkedIn

change email on linkedin

11 Dec 2023  •   2 minutes read

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Changing Email on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a prominent professional networking platform, allows users to connect and engage within their industries. As part of managing your profile, you might need to update your contact information, including your primary email address. This article will guide you through the process of changing your email on LinkedIn seamlessly.

Why Change Your Email on LinkedIn?

Your email serves as a vital link to your LinkedIn account. Updating it ensures you receive essential notifications, messages, and updates, maintaining your professional connections efficiently.

Can You Change Your Email Address on LinkedIn?

Yes, LinkedIn provides the flexibility to modify your primary email address. This process is straightforward and can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

Steps to Change Your Primary Email on LinkedIn

Checking Current Email Settings

Begin by logging into your LinkedIn account and navigating to the settings panel. Locate the section that displays your current email address associated with the account.

Adding a New Email Address

Select the option to add a new email address. Input the new email you wish to link to your LinkedIn profile.

Setting the New Email as Primary

Once the new email is added, set it as the primary email address. This action will ensure that all future communications are directed to this updated email.

Verifying Changes Made to Email

To confirm the changes, LinkedIn often sends a verification link to your newly added email address. Click on the link provided in the email to verify the changes.

Ensuring Smooth Transition After Email Change

After making the changes, ensure a smooth transition by logging in and out of your LinkedIn account to ensure the new email receives all notifications.

Benefits of Updating Email on LinkedIn

Keeping your email address updated on LinkedIn guarantees you receive relevant updates, job alerts, and messages, maintaining your professional presence effectively.

Precautions and Tips While Changing Email

While changing your email on LinkedIn, ensure that the new email is active and frequently checked to avoid missing out on essential notifications or opportunities.


Changing your primary email on LinkedIn is a simple yet crucial process to maintain seamless communication and stay connected within your professional network. Ensure to update your email periodically to maximize the benefits of this powerful networking platform.


Can I change my email on LinkedIn multiple times?

Yes, LinkedIn allows users to update their primary email whenever needed.

Will my connections be notified when I change my email?

LinkedIn doesn’t notify your connections when you update your email address.

Is it necessary to verify my new email address on LinkedIn?

Yes, verification ensures the security and accuracy of the updated email.

Can I revert to my old email address after changing it on LinkedIn?

You can change your email back to a previously used one if needed.

Do I need to update my email on all devices after changing it on LinkedIn?

Yes, ensure your new email is updated across all devices for consistent access.

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