The Best Way to Write a Thank You Message on LinkedIn


25 Jun 2024  •   3 minutes read

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It’s easy to overlook expressing gratitude in the hectic world of business networking. Nevertheless, you can greatly improve your networking efforts and leave a lasting impact on your relationships by sending a considerate thank you message after connecting on LinkedIn. Let’s explore the significance of these messages and practical approaches to their creation.

What Defines a LinkedIn Thank You Message?

A customized message sent to a connection on LinkedIn to thank them for a particular action or engagement is called a “thank you” message. It can be as simple as saying thank you for someone accepting your connection request or appreciating any assistance. 

Why is Sending a Thank You Message Important on LinkedIn?

It’s important to send a thank you message to people after connecting on LinkedIn for several reasons:

  • Developing Relationships: By expressing gratitude for other people’s time and efforts, you can create a stronger bond with them.
  • Professionalism: It enhances your politeness and professional manner.
  • Memorability: In the digital world, where small actions have a tremendous impact, it helps you stand out.

What are the Best Practices for Sending a Thank You Message on LinkedIn?

You may consider the following best practices when creating impactful thank-you messages on LinkedIn:

Unleash Creativity with Your Keyboard

  • Personalization: Customize every communication to the recipient and the interaction.
  • Conciseness: Provide a crisp but impactful message.
  • Professional Tone: Keep your voice in line with the nature of your relationship and your industry.

Using an Automation Tool

Automation can help you reach more people quickly, but it should only be used in accordance to keep your communications relevant and human.

What are the Benefits of Automating Your LinkedIn Messages?

LinkedIn message automation can save time and guarantee regular follow-ups, but it is significant to balance automation and personalization for authenticity and engagement.

How Can I Automate Sending Messages on LinkedIn?

To avoid spamming or going against the LinkedIn policy, select automation technologies that allow customization and scheduling while adhering to the policies and restrictions.

Tips for Thanking New LinkedIn Connections

After Connecting with Members You Haven’t Met: 

After making a new LinkedIn connection, you must initiate a cordial and businesslike conversation with someone you’ve never met in person. This first communication establishes the tone for subsequent exchanges and may open up beneficial networking opportunities.

Approach #1: Sending a Grateful Message via LinkedIn: 

A simple yet powerful approach to express gratitude to your new connection on LinkedIn is to send a thank-you message. If you haven’t mentioned it in your profile, briefly introduce yourself and begin by thanking them for connecting. You may also mention something you might be genuinely interested in learning about their work background by highlighting a specific topic from their profile that caught your attention. This strategy facilitates bond-building and reciprocal exchange, laying the groundwork for further dialogue and cooperation.

Approach #2: Sending a Thoughtful Message via LinkedIn: 

Sending a kind message to your new LinkedIn acquaintance can build a stronger bond than just saying “thank you.” Take this chance to not only thank them for the connection but also highlight how you think the two of you could benefit from each other. Share knowledge from your field or common passions to start a meaningful conversation. This strategy demonstrates your proactive networking abilities and lays the foundation for developing a more meaningful professional relationship based on mutual objectives or possible joint ventures.

After Meeting Members at an Event

  • Promptly follow up to strengthen the relationship
  • Mention the event and any discussions that took place

After Connecting with Someone Linked to a Mutual Contact

  • Recognize the shared connection
  • Express a desire for further communication

If You Want to Offer Support to Your New Connections

  • Give them specific examples of how you can help
  • Reiterate your offer to assist

Providing Value to Your Connections to Show Appreciation on LinkedIn

  • Share thought-provoking articles or information
  • Introduce yourself to valuable acquaintances

Introducing Them to Someone from Your Network as a Gesture of Thanks on LinkedIn

  • Encourage deep and meaningful relationships
  • Describe how the introduction might be useful

Demonstrating Genuine Interest in a Prospect’s Projects

  • Comment on your most recent successes
  • Give advice or words of encouragement

After Connecting with Someone Whose Posts You Follow

  • Take a look at their most recent posts and give a reference
  • Express your ideas or gratitude

Using Email to Show Appreciation for Your LinkedIn Connections

  • If you want to thank someone formally consider sending an email
  • Consider the recipient’s preferences while writing the message

‘Break the Ice’ by Acknowledging Their Achievements in Your LinkedIn Thank You Message

  • Draw attention to particular achievements
  • Relate their accomplishments to the things of mutual interest

Showing Genuine Interest in Shared Experiences

  • Mention shared hobbies or backgrounds
  • Emphasize the importance of your mutual relationship

Customizing Your Thank You Messages for LinkedIn Connections Effectively (and More)

  • Adapt the style of your communication to the preferences of the recipient
  • Make use of language that resonates with their line of work


Not only is it courteous to send a thank you message on LinkedIn, but it’s also a useful tool to promote business connections and expand your network. By crafting customized messages and utilizing automation you can establish significant relationships that strengthen professional development and accomplishment. Recall that in the era of digital technology, showing gratitude to others goes a long way toward creating a strong and encouraging network.

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