The Top 15 Free Email Address Finders

04 Aug 2023  •   4 minutes read

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In today’s digital age, email has become an indispensable tool for communication. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, having access to the right email address can be crucial. However, finding someone’s email address isn’t always an easy task, especially when you don’t have their contact information readily available. This is where email address finders come to the rescue.

What are Email Address Finders?

Email address finders are online tools that help you locate email addresses of individuals or businesses. They use various algorithms and databases to scour the web for publicly available information and provide you with the most accurate email address associated with a specific name or domain.

Benefits of Using Email Address Finders

Using email address finders offers several advantages:


Instead of manually searching for email addresses, these tools streamline the process and provide results within seconds.

Increased Productivity:

Email finders enable professionals to connect with potential clients or collaborators more efficiently, leading to increased productivity.

Validated Data:

Reputable email finders verify the accuracy of their data, reducing the chances of bounced emails.

Reach Decision-Makers:

Email finders can help you find the contact information of key decision-makers in companies.

Networking Opportunities:

Whether you are looking for mentors or connecting with like-minded individuals, email finders expand your networking opportunities.

Top 15 Free Email Address Finders

Here are the top 15 free email address finders available today:

Email Checker by’s Email Checker is a popular tool that lets you find and verify email addresses quickly. It offers a free plan with limited monthly searches and provides valuable information, such as the email’s deliverability status. Email Finder’s Email Finder allows you to discover email addresses in bulk. With its Chrome extension, you can extract email addresses from various websites, making it ideal for sales and marketing professionals.

Find That Email

Find That Email specializes in finding email addresses based on the individual’s name and domain. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides accurate results.

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert offers both individual email searches and bulk domain searches. Its intuitive UI and reliable results make it a favorite among businesses and recruiters.

Email Permutator by Metric Sparrow

If you have a person’s name and the domain they work for, Email Permutator can generate various email address combinations to help you find the right one.

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect integrates with Gmail and provides additional information about the contact, such as job title and company details.

AeroLeads Email Finder

AeroLeads Email Finder helps you find email addresses and phone numbers of potential leads. Its user-friendly interface makes lead generation a breeze.

Lusha Email Finder

Lusha Email Finder is a powerful tool to find personal and business email addresses. It also provides phone numbers and company information. Email Finder’s Chrome extension lets you find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and websites, making it an excellent tool for recruiters and sales professionals.

AnyMail Finder

Anymail Finder’s free plan offers limited searches per month and helps you find email addresses based on the person’s name and domain.

Email Generator by Emailable

Emailable’s Email Generator creates and verifies email addresses, making it useful for businesses that need to test their email systems.

Email Finder by FindThatLead

FindThatLead’s Email Finder provides a straightforward way to locate email addresses, and it also offers additional features like lead management.

Find Emails by Toofr

Find Emails by Toofr enables you to search for email addresses using the person’s name and website URL.

Email Lookup by ThatsThem

ThatsThem’s Email Lookup tool provides email addresses associated with a person’s name and other relevant details.

Snitcher Email Lookup

Snitcher Email Lookup helps you find business email addresses and tracks website visitors, making it a valuable tool for B2B companies.

How to Choose the Right Email Address Finder

When selecting an email address finder, consider the following factors:


Choose a tool with a reputation for providing accurate and up-to-date information.

Ease of Use:

Opt for an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the search process.


Look for additional features like bulk searches, email verification, and integration with other tools.

Customer Reviews:

Check user reviews to gauge the tool’s effectiveness and reliability.


LinkedIn automation tools have become indispensable for professionals looking to grow their networks and establish meaningful connections. Among these tools, email address finders play a crucial role in streamlining email outreach. By utilizing the top 15 free email address finders listed above, you can ensure that your messages reach the intended recipients, optimizing your communication efforts and fostering valuable relationships in the process. With these automation solutions, you can take your LinkedIn networking to the next level and achieve your professional goals more efficiently.


Are these email address finders free to use?

Yes, all the email address finders listed in this article offer free plans with varying limitations.

Can I trust the accuracy of the email addresses provided by these tools?

While these tools strive for accuracy, it’s essential to verify the results before sending critical emails.

Do I need technical expertise to use these email address finders?

No, most of these tools have user-friendly interfaces that require no technical knowledge.

Can email address finders help me find personal email addresses?

Yes, some of the listed tools specialize in finding both personal and business email addresses.

Are there any restrictions on the number of searches I can perform with the free plans?

Yes, most free plans have limitations on the number of searches you can conduct per month. Consider upgrading for more extensive usage.

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