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What Is the Cost of LinkedIn Learning After the Free Trial?

Categories of Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning

While looking out for a way to sharpen my skill set and also apply to potential brands/ recruiters that I can work with. I decided to research social media platforms that will serve the purpose of learning and also search for jobs.

I stumbled upon a professional digital platform called Linkedin. Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Linkedin is a skilled digital platform that not only gives you access to learn, it is also a platform that lets you connect, share information or ideas to specific contacts on the platform.

This platform has been in existence since 2013 and it will excite you to know that Linkedin is the second known digital platform for B2B (Business to Business) marketers with over 50 million registered businesses.

It is also a platform that enables you to acquire knowledge. Presently, Linkedin has over 700 million learned users across more than 200 nations and one way Linkedin gets traffic to their platform is through the use of mobile phones.

I mean, you can not beat the number of mobile phone users on the globe. Interestingly, an average phone user uses up to 10GB in a month. You can imagine the traffic that will be generated when over 700 million users use the phone to access this particular platform.

LinkedIn learning vs LinkedIn Premium

Linkedin learning is a section of Linkedin that creates an environment for its users to learn subjects/courses encapsulated in a video form. This section of Linkedin was originally owned by Lynda .com not until it was bought by Microsoft through Linkedin.

The main purpose of creating this section /department on Linkedin is to acquire in-demand skills through dedication and commitment to the courses as they are all engulfed in a video form.

Presently, Linkedin learning offers over 15,000 varieties of courses available in different languages, why is it? This is to enable all tribes/ethnicities to have access to courses from the comfort of their homes.

Meanwhile, the Linkedin premium is a complete section on Linkedin. It is for those seeking jobs, recruiting, and perhaps trying to market their product to one business or another.

This section of Linkedin offers several plans which are tailored to a specific niche and it is your choice to choose the goal you will plan to achieve within your niche.

Additionally, the goal of Linkedin premium is to help users connect more effectively providing them with features that the free trial does not offer.

Categories of Linkedin Learning

There are three basic categories of Linkedin learning. They include:

Additionally, courses for writers are made available on Linkedin learning. If you are a writer or intend to be a writer, these courses are up for grabs to improve your writing skills. The few available courses are:

  1. Learning to write for the web
  2. Editing Mastery: How to edit writing to perfection.
  3. Writing personas( A technique helpful to marry marketers)
  4. Grammar foundations
  5. Writing with flair: How to become an. Exceptional writer and many others.

The videos offered by Linkedin learning come in two schemes. First, the courses that put you through on either how to use a software or perhaps explaining how to use a graph. For these kinds of courses, your full attention is needed to enable you to understand the course better.

For these kinds of courses, it is pertinent that they are displayed in your primary section. So you can easily reach out to it when you need a couple of information.

While the other types of courses come in the form of audio more like you are listening to a podcast, for this type of course you can have a hang on it without needing to fix your eyes on the screen.

Creating a Linkedin Learning Account

Whether you previously used or not. There is a way to go about the creation of Linkedin learning:

  1. Type in into your web browser.
  2. Type in your username and password.
  3. After you have typed in your username and password, you will be given an option either to connect your account via a Linkedin account or not.
  4. If you have a Linkedin account and wish to connect to it, you can go ahead to do that else you continue without connecting to your Linkedin account.
  5. If you had connected both accounts before I.e Linkedin learning and your Linkedin account you can directly log into the Linkedin learning account using your Linkedin username and password.
  6. You possibly might be asked to confirm if you are a robot or not, if you logged in with your Linkedin account.
  7. That is all.

Creating a Linkedin Application

If you find it stressful to follow the website to log into your Linkedin learning account, you can go ahead to install the application. This applies to both android and iPhone users. Here are the steps:

Creating a Linkedin App for iPhone Users

Features of Linkedin Learning

  1. Creative search

what Linkedin learning does is that it makes it stress-free for its users to easily search for courses by pre-populating records with words that are searched frequently

2.Approval based on personal courses.

LinkedIn learning gathers the data of over 600 users on the most important courses they have picked recently and approves of you.

3.Public curation

LinkedIn learning uses the reaction of its users on important courses to approve to you.

Is Linkedin Learning Worth it?

Everyone has different opinions with regards to this subject. However, I believe Linkedin learning is worth it. This section of Linkedin provides you with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and upgrade your skillet and it is strictly for professional use.

A lot of people dive into Linkedin learning either to acquire a soft skill to be able to relate well and manage others in the corporate world.

There are still other courses on Linkedin learning that one can dive into. For instance, courses for project management, HTML and CSS, and many others are available on Linkedin learning.

And the exciting thing about learning with Linkedin is that all courses either video or audio are of high quality and are delivered to you by experts from different parts of the globe.

If you are concerned about certificates, please note that Linkedin is only a facilitator and you will have to personally take care of the certificate after the completion of your desired course.

Although for courses that are related to writing, it is unfortunate that Linkedin does not offer certificates to these courses. However, they provide courses to help polish writers who are either starting or want to improve on their writing skills.

In summary, with the experience, I have had with Linkedin. I will say that Linkedin learning is worth it and it is geared towards competent users that either wants to upgrade their professional skills, switch career paths, or search for jobs.

Is Linkedin learning free?

Unfortunately, Linkedin learning does not offer any free courses and it has been this way since time memorial. However, they offer free trials to all of their #16,000 courses, and to have a hang of these courses for free, you have to register with your credit cards.

You would not be charged for the period you are on a free trial until you have exhausted your free trial. This means that you can cancel the said subscription plan before it is rolled over.

What is the cost of Linkedin learning after a free trial?

LinkedIn learning offers two basic subscription plans for its users. They are:

What Do You Stand to Enjoy After Subscribing to Any of These Plans?

  1. You will earn a certificate after the completion of the course.
  2. You can view the downloaded application either offline or online.
  3. Access to exercise and quiz files
  4. Access to over #16,00courses.
  5. You will have a permit to the Linkedin premium features and many more.

Even with the use of Linkedin learning to improve on your professional skills and also upgrade your skillset. You may not have all the time to connect with candidates on Linkedin, sending messages and perhaps trying to connect with so many Linkedin users manually. The only way to resolve the above challenge is through Linkedin automation tools.

LinkedIn Automation Tool

These are tools in the form of software that allows one to send out connections to different users, formulate/deliver messages to a large Linkedin user and search profiles all automatically thereby replacing the manual method.

Pros of Linkedin Automation

By pros, I mean the advantage of using LinkedIn automation. Here are a few pros of using Linkedin automation.

  1. Self-regulating lots of daily duties

If you are an avid user of Linkedin, you will admit that there are a lot of actions you will always perform if not daily but occasionally. These vary from job seeking to generate a lead to hiring a candidate and broadening existing connections.

To perform all of these actions, you will have to carry out conventional tasks like formulating/delivering inmails, delivering direct messages to people including those that are not in your network, delivering invites to your connection to be a part of your group many more.

These are the daily tasks that can be carried out with Linkedin automated tools and the good thing about all these is that they can be done automatically.

2.It is stress-free

With the right settings on your automated tool, you can do all your activities while the tool runs on its own without you needing to stress yourself.

3.Receiving ready leads

When you properly begin to use your automation tool, there are a few tasks you will perform daily which include the follow-up note. By doing this, you will be able to receive people who have an interest in your services and get in communication with them.

Liprospect as a Tool for Complementing Linkedin Learning

While having a hang on Linkedin learning which will be time-consuming you will need an automation tool to enable you to connect with those on your network effectively and perhaps send a lot of inmails at once and this is where liprospect comes in.

Liprospect automated tool can do a whole lot which also exceeds the process of trying to generate a lead, send inmails, cold search, and lots more. Here are the complete liprospect automation suits:

  1. Personalized follow-up messages

With a liprospect automated tool, you can put up a composed personal note introducing your product and services to them.

2.Advanced search

Liprospect makes it easier to effortlessly search for competent candidates.

3.Smart Inbox

The automated tool comes with a developed function that lets you quickly reply to your message.

4.Blacklist manager.

It is easy to blacklist accounts, you don’t want to have a further conversation with them.

How to Get a Free Trial

You can give this automation tool. a shot by getting the free trial. Here is a way to go about it.

_ Type liprospect into your browser.

_ You will be directed to the homepage.

_ On the top of the homepage, you will see get started for free.

_ Tap on it, you will be asked to start a free trial for free.

_ Tap on it, you will be directed to this another page, click on it and fill in your details.

_ You will be activated for 7days

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put the Certificate Obtained From LinkedIn Learning on Your Resume?

Yes, you can. If you completed a relevant course on Linkedin learning, you can put it on your resume. This will increase your chance of being picked by your recruiters and give you an edge over other applicants.

Is Linked Learning Credible?

Yes, Linked learning is credible and the reason is that the tutors at Linkedin learning are all professionals from Dennis Taylor to Simon Allardice and then Bonnie Biafore. Be rest assured that the contents they dish out are top-notch.

Can I Run Multiple LinkedIn Accounts on Liprospect?

Yes, you can run multiple Linkedin accounts on liprospect. The platform is programmed to manage multiple Linkedin accounts with a single click of switching between different Linkedin accounts.

Do I Need a Third-Party Application or Download a Browser Extension?

You do not need any of the above. Liprospect is a 100% platform that is cloud-based which means that it also functions effectively when your Pc is turned off.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription in Liprospect?

Canceling your subscription in Liprospect is pretty easy. Here are a few steps to canceling a subscription on Liprospect.

  1. Tap on the top-right menu and click on the account manager.
  2. When the page pops up, tap on cancel subscription on any paid plan and the subscription will be canceled.

I hope you find this useful. If you know another cost of Linkedin learning after a free trial please feel free to share. Happy reading!

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