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30 Apr 2021  •   8 minutes read

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Get More Profile Views

For whatever reason it is that you joined networking sites like LinkedIn, you definitely want more exposure for your profile. It could be that you’re looking for a job, want to establish connections for your business, or it is just that you want to get noticed on the platform.

If you’re looking for a job, the more views your profile gets, the more you’ll receive job offers along your way. If there is only one thing you can do to ensure that your profile gets more views, it’s by making your profile highly visible.

This could be achieved by adding exceptional high quality and optimized content to your profile and posts. Later in this article, we’ll share important strategies you need to implement if you want to get more profile views on LinkedIn.

Why You’re Not Getting Profiles On LinkedIn?

You’re on LinkedIn but not committed to the platform

This is so far the number one reason why your profile won’t get views on LinkedIn. You can’t just sign up, fill your profile halfway and expect profile views to start coming on autopilot.

Even if you have significant connections, you have to be active on the platform. Becoming active means posting content on a consistent basis and also engaging with other people’s content, that’s the only way to get noticed.

Not engaging with other users on LinkedIn means you’re not active and that means you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re not getting profile views on LinkedIn.

You have changed your profile career

If you changed the focus of your profile, your profile views will definitely drop even if you have been receiving decent views in the past. This is because you’ll have to optimize your profile again for the new career or connections you’re looking for.

A lot of LinkedIn users have already optimized their profile with the new career you’re targeting for and that means you have a lot of competition along your way. If you changed a career, you definitely need some time and have to put more time on your new career optimization.

You haven’t used enough skills

Some LinkedIn users will only add a few skills, even if you have a couple of skills, you need to use different variations of keywords.

This is because employers are always using different keywords to locate the ideal candidates they’re looking for. LinkedIn allows adding up to 50 skills, you want to make sure that you have filled that gap in order to get noticed on the platform.

You haven’t added your achievements

It’s human nature, we all want to connect and associate with high achievers, even companies will be attracted towards profiles with achievements than the ones without any.

You need to list down all the achievements you’ve earned related to your skills, even if it’s not associated with your skill it’s recommended you add it as well.

Using the wrong characters in your tagline

Adding poor characters will result in not getting enough views to your profile. Some LinkedIn users think that they’ll get noticed by adding such characters, but the truth is that no one will visit a profile if they can’t read the tagline well.

Using a separator in your tag line such as “|” can be considered as the letter “i”, and if you have noticed, such character is used by people a lot, plus other characters that will mislead users trying to visit your profile.

Not implementing LinkedIn changes

LinkedIn releases new updates on a consistent basis and if you fail to adapt to these changes, you’ll definitely be left behind.

If you don’t adapt to the new changes, your competitors will be ahead of you by making the right changes to their profile fast. Once they take the lead, it means you’ll have to put in a lot of work before ranking your profile above them.

You’re not posting the right content

You need to post high-quality content that shows that you’re an expert in your career. The more you’re posting better and high-quality content, the more people will be interested in knowing more about you which will result in them clicking your profile to explore more about you. Come up with an effective content strategy that will help you get more views on LinkedIn.

You’re not building connections

If you want to get noticed on LinkedIn, you have to build connections, you need to connect with even strangers. Provided you have filled your profile correctly, most LinkedIn users would like to connect with you even if they don’t know you.

They will not just follow you blindly, they will dig a little bit on your profile and the type of content you offer so that they don’t end up getting hooked with unprofessional LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn Essentials That Will Help You Get More Profile Views

Upload the right profile picture

This is definitely the first thing you want to do if you’re looking for more profile exposure on LinkedIn. You want to make sure the picture you upload is very clear and you look professional in the picture. Don’t upload a logo as your profile picture, don’t pick a random picture online and upload it, don’t use a screenshot from your ID card such as a driver’s license photo, and you also want to avoid any pictures that make you look suspicious.

Build connections

LinkedIn is all about connections, the more connections you have, the more outreach you’ll get for your profile.

Your connections network will likely share your profile with others and the more they’re engaging with you the more your content will be visible to their network cycle as well. Start building connections and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to strangers.

Join Groups

LinkedIn groups are one top place to get more views for your profile, most users on LinkedIn are a member of certain groups.

You should locate LinkedIn groups similar to your career and not only join the groups, you should also participate and ensure that group members are interacting with you. You’ll find that a lot of group members would like to connect with you once you’re posting good content.

Write an attractive headline

The headline is what describes your profession in a single phrase, if you haven’t uploaded a profile picture or for some reason, your visitors are not able to load the profile picture, the next thing available to them is your headline.

You don’t want to mess around with your headline on LinkedIn, your headline can serve as a pitch, it can tell who you’re and what you’re capable of delivering.

Add your LinkedIn profile URL in email signature

Chances are you’re sending a couple of emails every single day and it’s possible that all the people you’re communicating with have no idea who you’re. By adding your LinkedIn profile URL, you’ll attract more visitors to your profile with ease.

This will also help if you’re communicating with companies through email when looking for a job. Your LinkedIn profile will tell them more about you so that you can have more chances of landing the job.

Add LinkedIn profile button on your websites

If you have a blog or any other type of website, you should consider embedding a LinkedIn button with your profile link. Not only on websites you own, but also on other sources online where you’re able to put your LinkedIn profile button. If the button isn’t supported, you should consider adding your profile URL.

These are some of the essential things you need to keep in mind if you want to generate more views on your LinkedIn profile. Let’s talk about optimization which is an important aspect of boosting your LinkedIn profile views.

How To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Views

Optimize the name field

LinkedIn offers more than adding first name and surname, in the first name field though, you should add only your first name. But in the last name, you’re able to add up to 140 characters.

This is where you can add certifications, suffixes, nicknames, maiden names, or former names. You cannot however add contact information like phone or email address, numbers, special characters, or symbols. You’re also not allowed to add group names or alumni.

Optimize headline with keywords

This is important if you want to stay on top of LinkedIn search results, you should of course make a powerful statement regarding your professional career or any business you’re running with targeted keywords within the headline.

You need to narrow down potential keywords you believe users are searching when looking for your career profile. You should also spy on your competitors to see the keywords they’re using.

Search for a keyword and visit the top 5 or 10 results on top of the searches, spy on the keywords used and implement the same on your profile. You shouldn’t copy the complete headline, just point out the keywords and use them or something that’s similar.

Personalize your profile URL

The default URL LinkedIn generates for you isn’t optimized and it doesn’t look good at all. It’s just some random words or a mix of letters and numbers that are hard to memorize by anyone including yourself.

Once you personalize it, you’ll be able to remember the URL when the need arises for sharing it with other people. Not only that, but it’s also more optimized in the sense that you’ll rank higher in searches. Include your name with career keywords and see how your visibility increases on LinkedIn.

Optimize job titles in the experience section

This another place on your profile where you want to do some optimization, start by adding the job title in your resume or the one you added on other sections of LinkedIn, this will help optimize your profile in searches and will also avoid getting flagged since the job title is showing on multiple locations on LinkedIn.

After job titles in the experience section, you need to add relevant keywords as well, and also keep in mind that you’re limited to 100 characters only.

Fill in the about section properly

You now have enough space here to describe yourself in the about section, you can write as much as you can for up to 2000 characters and you need to place your keywords wisely here as well.

You need to describe yourself and your brand, write a story if you have to, and any other relevant detail that will help you stand out from the rest.

 Skill and endorsement section

This is where you tell your profile visitors what you’re capable of doing and it will help you get noticed even in search results.

Type all the keywords and phrases that describe your profession or business and see how things are going to change. You’ll notice an increase in profile views within a short period of time. Mention endorsements for your skill supporting your credibility towards the profession.

Expand your network consistently

You should always strive to expand your LinkedIn network, even if you have already secured your dream job, chances are you can get better offers from the new connections you’re getting.

If it also happens that you lose your job or you’re not interested, it’s easier to get a new job since you’re always engaging with your network. Always search for influencers and companies to make sure they’re within your network.

Get recommendations

Getting recommendations is the new trend on LinkedIn, your profile will be recommended not just your name.

If you’re aiming for recommendations, you have to make sure that your profile is complete, don’t leave any section empty, describe yourself and your career well before you start requesting recommendations. After filling your profile, you want to make sure that you’re getting recommendations, especially when looking for a job.

Share updates on your profile regularly

Updating your profile is a way to keep it alive with fresh content, this is how you’ll keep on building engagement, and the more engagement your content receives, the more visitors you’ll attract to your profile.

You can share a different type of content on your profile, it can be blog posts, or articles even if it’s from your previous publications provided the piece of content is valuable. Not only informational content, but you can also add events, activities, new projects, and so on.

By applying these tips you’re definitely going to increase your profile visibility on LinkedIn, the key to getting more views is optimizing your profile with the appropriate keywords and more importantly, become active on the platform.

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